How to Combat Botting and Remove the 30 Instance/24Hrs cap at the same time

Very simple solution that combats botting and removes the silly 30 instance cap a day all in one fell swoop.

Add a captcha mechanic every time you enter a dungeon or raid. Players will only be mildly inconvenienced but able to farm instances as much as they please. Bots will have an incredibly hard time working around an ingame captcha and automation will be much harder to do.



Thanks for the suggestion. I have no idea if Blizzard can use this idea,
but every player who is trying to help Blizzard is trying to help all of us.


You seem to have missed the first reason given for implementing the 30 instance cap…

Hint: it wasn’t botting(that was reason #2)

They dont want real players doing it either and destroying the economy.

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I have 2 toons on classic. A priest and a rogue, both of which are 60. I can very easily, and I cannot stress enough how easily, cap 30 farming prebis gear such as HoJ or Second Wind. Especially on raid day when 2-4 of my lockouts are dedicated to raiding. It isn’t fair to players in the same mindset who are simply trying to farm their BiS and min max, if that’s their play style.

I understand the economy taking a hit from hyper farming, but honestly, something has to be done. People with more than one alt can hardly accomplish anything in one day because they have 30 lockouts TOTAL for their collective toons. Unless you shill up more money to Blizzard for a second account that is.

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Even better idea. Require everyone have a phone w/ facial recognition software. The player can only enter after the phone does a scan to make sure it’s the correct person playing that account.


I think that’s a bit over kill of a solution. Would probably cost blizzard a ton of money, breach all kind of privacy violations, and be so much of a hassle that it wouldn’t be worth it.

However, as sarcastic of a suggestion as it is, it would TECHNICALLY kill botting almost entirely. :slight_smile:

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I like this in theory, but can the botting person not just be out and about while their bot system is running at home? Whats stopping them from having the phone alert them for the facial recognition where ever they are at?

You seem to have missed the whole point this change was not made to just combat bots it was made to slow down instance farming. That is the whole point, it takes 6 hours minimum to cap your 30 instances.

Also it doesn’t affect 40m raids so you dont have to save any intances for those.

yeah, i mean thems the beans dude. they loosened the cap from a server-account lock to a character specific lock, so you can do 30 instances on all of your toons on a server.

I’m not going to sit here and ask for the instance cap to be removed because there’s a fringe case of players who are actually running a single dungeon more than 30 times in a day to get a gear drop when there have been mages literally farming zg, zf, dire maul etc nonstop for days absolutely flooding the economy with vendor trash gold and ruining the game for players who just want to raid log by destroying the economy.

That is intrusive and immersive-breaking.

They’ll adapt. Many different websites have captachs, but yet they are still bombarded with bot accounts. The war against bots is really an arm race. That’s why the 30 instance cap is so effective, because it’s hurting the profit potential of botting, therefore decentivizing botting.

While I hate this cap just as much as the next person, you do realize they amended the cap to per character, right?
So now, once a character has hit 30 for that 24 hour period, you’re free to jump onto another character and do 30 more, and so on.

How about not trying to do EVERYTHING in a single day? “Can hardly accomplish anything in one day”. No no no, 30 instances is enough to accomplish a LOT.

You aren’t supposed to be full pre bis in a single day, this game is supposed to take time, you wanting to change the system to cater to your temporary “now now now” playstyle at the cost of the long term health of the game is exactly what is wrong with classic and just this whole generation in general.

You dont care about the health of the game, you just want to zoom to the end as fast as possible


Hardly accomplish anything.

Hardly accomplish anything with 30 lockouts a day.

210 a week.

I’ve probably reached more than 20 lockouts once or twice in the last 11 months. It didn’t take me long to farm HoJ for both my Warrior buddies, it didn’t take me long to farm them SGC and it didn’t take me long to farm my Second Wind trinket.

You don’t need more than 30 lockouts a day to farm these items because it’s 11 months into Classic and you don’t need to farm everything in a single 24 hour, 100 lockout session.

Show me a blue post that says the change was to combat instance farming. Don’t worry i will wait.

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30/24 helps stem the flood of gold into the economy. The issue is not simply bots, even if blizzard says that botting is the target.

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I mean I’ve hit the 30 cap on both my mage and shaman in one day but, dude, why the hell was I dungeoning for 12 hours. Sure it sucked and I wasn’t done levelling, but the average person (and even my average play time) won’t be affected by this. Vendor gold flow will, and stemming gold fountains has always been a constant battle in WoW (see: Nerfing Firelands in an expansion it wasn’t created).

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Your idea is bad.

I won’t play the game till the Cap is removed,they (blizz) did this same type of thing in CATA when they nerfed drops in instances due to bots farming them,all it did was what this is doing nothing is wrong with 5 an Hr .

you mean the post where they said they were implementing it…

See first sentence gives 2 reasons.

  1. exploitative gameplay
  2. botting

mass running dungeons in this manner is considered exploitative by Blizz.

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