How to Combat Botting and Remove the 30 Instance/24Hrs cap at the same time

yeah that post is talking about bots…

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sorry you can’t read…

go back to school and join the big boys when you have a basic understanding of the English language.

You just made that up…it doesn’t say anywhere that boosting or “mass running” dungeons is considered exploitative. You are grasping at some very thin straws to avoid looking foolish. Everyone knows this post is in regards to bots…everyone except you apparently.

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Like I said, work on your own reading abilities before talking in the forums.

I never said boosting was exploitative… I said mass running dungeons was.

It is literally in the first sentence… to stop exploitative gameplay, which the context of the whole post is that they are slowing down mass dungeon running… which clearly shows that they consider running mass dungeons exploitative.

If “mass running dungeons” is exploitative as you foolishly claim…why can’t you be banned for it, but you CAN be banned for botting?"
rip all your arguments.

Yeah i thought that might stop you in your tracks…logic has that effect.

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I mean its not like Blizz has ever made a change to a game to stop exploitative behavior without banning people… OH WAIT THEY DO IT ALL THE TIME.

I am just a simple person with the ability to read what Blizzard said was the reasons they made a change and take them at there word.

They saw people running too many dungeons causing a negative effect on the game, they made a change so that it would no longer be an issue. They made a post stating this was one of two reasons they were making this change.

you on the other hand decide to read their statement and just ignore the first part of it that conflicts with how you want the game to be.

I am not the irrational one here.

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How does somebody running too many dungeons have literally any effect on your gameplay? It doesn’t. That’s how somebody wants to play then good for them…they earned whatever gear/items/mats came with that invested time and there is nothing exploitative about earning something in game for time invested, in fact that’s literally how the entire game works.

The REAL reason blizzard stepped in is because bots. Bots are automated and don’t require time investment to get the same results and are therefore considered exploitative and an unfair advantage, and against TOU.

The idea that blizzard thinks running too many dungeons is ruining the game is hilarious and wrong, except in your mind and your mind only.

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If you are too dumb to understand how mass running dungeons affects a server, then you must be a troll.

Those dungeon runs add raw gold into the economy at a rate that is not possible in any other way, which affects every player who trades items or uses the AH.

You can also go and earn the exact same amount of gold with the same time invested. So you and everyone else can have that same amount of “raw gold”. There is no advantage.

The second your posts resorted to insults i knew you had run out of logical arguments, not that you had any in the first place.

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You mean other than reading what Blizzard said was a reason for the change…

You didn’t read…you just used confirmation bias.

Might wanna look in the mirror there…

I read just fine and the first reason given is exploitative gameplay not botting.

How many times did you call me a “shill” because I was laying out facts you didn’t like?

And everyone went back to alternative servers. Great job.

No you got called that because you hide behind this character while simultaneously being a mod on the forums which is a direct conflict of interest, hows that for a fact.

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If I was a mod, I’d give myself the trust level 3 I used to have before I was sent on vacation like 5 times. Then I could link memes properly, without having to do this: