How much harder are Mythic 0's in comparison to Heroics?

Hello all,

As you can tell from this question, I am a pretty big noob to any end-game content in this game. I have been enjoying this expansion quite a lot and plan on committing more time to this game than I have in the past. Realistically, Mythic+ is a more desirable endgame goal for me over raiding as it seems more flexible time-wise for my schedule.

I am curious: how much harder are Mythic 0’s in comparison to Heroics? I recently leveled this character up to 60 and have been running dungeons pretty often. Only a handful of Heroics so far since I Just barely got my item level high enough (although i have done plenty of Heroics in the past), and I have been having mixed results. Some dungeons are a breeze, others I feel like all I am doing is spamming Flash Heal to keep people up, even on Normal. As a less experienced player–and healer–I am having trouble differentiating what exactly is my fault and what is the fault of my allies. Since some dungeons have been a struggle for me, there definitely is that self-doubt in the back of my head that makes me hesitant to eventually try any Mythic dungeons. Is it a huge jump at +0? Are there a lot of mechanics that get introduced? There doesn’t really seem to be much of a difference between Normal and Heroic beyond an item level requirement, and I recognize that I will need to get my current item level higher before trying them, but I would just like to hear from more experienced players how to prepare for the jump.

Thank you in advance!

There eaiser than heroic.

Not even joking they are just like normal raids are eaiser than lfr.

Heroic you have less cordination even if not using voice on the mythics for the simple fact people will talk to each other.

Heroics people don’t bother to take seriously and will go in with the lowest possible gear level even cheesing gear levels no enchants and no effort. Mythics people tend to at least look up a fight or ask the group heroics they won’t.

Mythics players have been doing at the same ilvl heroics open at and yes if you do at that ilvl there harder but if your going in at 170 ilvl about where mythics stand on normal progression order there eaiser.

If we go further and compaire guild non pug mythic 0 to pug heroics, heroics becomes a monster diff wise compaired to the mythic 0:

To answer mechanics, there is no real diff mechanics wise between heroic and mythic the differences are vary small for example last boss dos, two portals in heroic vs 4 in mythic. Mana storms in the same instance rather than swaping on there own and no ulti skill they gain a ulti you have to stun to stop via walking near them with the arrow on your head no other diff. The other bosses in the same run are exactly the same. So one new mechanic over a entire instance and a minor change to one. Everything else just hits harder but as people avoid stuff more often since it’s not heroic, the damage accross team is norm lower.


M0s are only slightly harder than Heroics. You can do them at like iLvl 158 without a problem so it’s worthwhile to just go straight into M0s for the initial gear.


M0s are objectively much more difficult than heroics, but this is offset by players doing M0s being much more competent.

You actually have to make the effort to fly your character to a dungeon in order to get to a M0, which alone is a huge amount more effort than most of the people running heroics are willing to give, so that alone filters out a huge amount of the chaff that are making your heroic dungeons a pain.


Thank you all for your responses. This is all reassuring to read–doesn’t seem like quite the jump I was expecting it to be. I will probably give a couple a go this weekend after gearing up a bit more and reading some dungeon guides.


Depends on dungeon, there are major differences for some bosses (in example in heroic mists second boss has only 1 arrow shooting, in mythic she shoots 5 arrows to all players), but for some bosses there is not much difference. In general it is a lot difficult than heroics. If you are ok and good with heroics , just try to notice the differences in mythic and adjust yourself.


If everyone in your group is in heroic-ish level gear, M0s are reasonably challenging. The ilevel of your average PUG has moved beyond that at this point though, so I suspect you’ll find them pretty easy.

As for what’s your fault vs. your team’s fault, the answer is actually pretty simple. If someone died because they took a bunch of avoidable damage (basically, failed mechanics), it was their fault. If it they died to mostly unavoidable damage, that was your fault. It’ll likely take you a bit to learn which is which, but you’ll get there. Now, that’s not to say you can’t or shouldn’t save someone taking avoidable damage. Lots of times you can, and you should. Just don’t let them blame you for dying when they stood in the fire, or failed to interrupt.


we had no problem with them in guild or partially-guilded groups at 160ish ilvl. if people do mechanics you should have no trouble at all.

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If your group is capable of doing mechanics, the dps/hps check isn’t too horrible. But if your group stand in bad, everyone will die.


The hardest thing about mythics is the people in your group knowing the mechanics of the fights.
I wouldn’t say they are a lot harder then heroic dungeons, just a bit less forgiving if people forget certain mechanics on boss fights.
Apart from that, having to be summoned to the dungeon/or fly, then not being auto ported back to where you were is probably the most annoying thing.


The biggest difference is the added boss mechanics. The dungeon journal is pretty clear about which ones are found in Mythic only as far as added mechanics. A few from the top of my head:

Mistcaller, you have to pay more attention as she stays around during the game, and everybody has to dodge a ball.

The third boss of Sanguine Depths, instead of a big bubble you go to, there are a bunch of little bubbles that give you 20% damage reduction per bubble.

There IS now a bubble to go to on Devos

Margrave Stradama summons Plaguebound Devoted adds during the fight

Lord Chamberlain channels Ritual of Woe on all of the statues

Halkias every body has to stay in the circle together.

Tarvold has orbs that circle the ring in opposite directions

Kaal has more Piercing Blurs per cast

Manastorms require you to stun them with the other’s cast

The butcher guy in ToP pulls everyone in for a big smash

Mordretha the Endless Empress…yeah there’s plenty going on in Mythic. Ghostly adds charge across the platform or take up space in the arena, AND Manifest Death summons an add from everybody.

There’s more, but that’s the general idea.


Thank you all for the really great information here. Looking forward to give them a spin when I have the time to be able to do so. I will probably start to look into finding a guild for this sort of entry-level stuff. Generally I have found the mechanics to be relatively straightforward (and fun in a certain respect), though the one that I have found the most stressful is the last boss while still in the hallways in Sanguine Depths. I’ve been really appreciating being a Night Fae as a Holy Priest because Soulshape can be really great to pass mechanics for my slow booty.

Watch guides by hazelnutty. She has guides on each mythic dungeon

This is terrible advice.

Skilled and experienced players can hop right into M0, sure.

But someone who is brand new to the game really ought to run heroics for while to get more gear and get uses to the mechanics before bumping up to M0.

This is good advice for week 1 and 2, but not now.

You’re not going to learn any mechanics in heroics at this point. Things just get blown up in seconds because people in 200 gear are running them for runes/weekly quests.

It’s still better than never seeing the place at all.

And the gear is still a factor. Personally I would suggest getting around 165 or so ilvl before stepping into M0. It’s only a bit more than the 158 you mentioned, but it’ll help a lot, imo.

He’s already said he’s been running all the dungeons while leveling up.

That was likely more of a challenge than doing heroics at max level will be since you can’t really outgear the dungeons as much below level 60.

And the gear is still a factor. Personally I would suggest getting around 165 or so ilvl before stepping into M0.

You can buy 168 crafted gear from the AH. And world quest gear is 184. Heroics are a massive waste of time.

Oh yeah if you can get 168 crafted gear, get that. I was thinking crafted gear was still at 161.

My thought was to get all the 161 crafted gear u can and then run enough heroics to get to 165 before hopping into M0.

That doesn’t happen until you have renown and ilvl, which a new toon wouldn’t.

I’d be 180 ilvl to be comfortable if you’re new.