How much are the Kaldorei and Horde in the same boat?

From my time in absence I’ve done some thinking about the situation that both the Kaldorei and the Horde are in, and I’ve concluded their situation is actually a lot similar than many realize. They are both groups that Blizzard considers itself free to write any way they want. Yes, they go in different directions, but the concept is the same. They treat most of the Alliance with softer gloves, but when it comes to writing “interesting stories” they drag both the Horde and the Kaldorei through the mud to get where they want to go.

Ironically, I think the Kaldorei fans should be more sympathetic towards the “Honor Horde” players, as they have a common cause with them, in that their stories both keep getting butchered.


i can’t simpathise with any horde cause because everything they do hurt the alliance one way or another.

if is not attacking alliance for no reason is making alliance characters neutral or friendly with horde characters with even less reason.
or taking the spotlight of entire expansions while alliance have to deal with their crap over, and over again.
The horde ruins everything.
No, they aren’t in the same boat, the horde is the problem.

and yes, i consider myself a nelf fan, even if i play worgen.


I am talking about the players.





Well we players have much in common, probably all of us have a horrible story at the expense of the other.
that is true for the “big 4” groups of players in the 2 factions.

but is not hard to find that we simply don’t think the same in regards to what should happen next in the story, i believe that is natural.


Its a nice sentiment, but don’t bother. On some intrinsic level many Alliance players have sort of subconciously come to the conclusion that we Horde players of deserving of the treatment we just got from the writing staff. We chose the wrong faction … so we very much deserve the story we were given. However, if you dare ever suggest a thought in even the same vein as that about NE players … your just a horrible person. :smiley:

EDIT: Hell, its this same vein of thinking that leads some Alliance players to the conclusion that the Horde was stealing Alliance cities, themes, and characters in Legion; when in reality Blizz was just to lazy to come up with an inclusive story for the faction … so they tacked us on to an Alliance one.


That is at least partly due to the edge lords on this forum who revel in being the bad guys. You know who they are.

Edit: They create the sense that a large portion of the base revels in being the bad guys and so the Horde players are a fair target to vent your frustrations on.


The Alliance in general are similarly limited. All suffer under the burden of Blizzard’s “bad writing”.

I generally don’t place any stock in the idea that Blizzard really “hates” one faction or playerbase in an emotional/petty sense. I don’t think they write stories with the petty goal of punishing particular characters/races/factions or their respective fanbases or favoring some over others.

They just have characters that they think are interesting in different ways and write what they consider to be interesting stories within the limitations of their roles as writers as on a larger team working on a mainstream fantasy videogame that’s slated to never have a proper end any time soon.

I’m more interested in the story as a process and a thing to consume in and of itself. I’m kind of enjoying this crazy ride and seeing what new curve balls and lore bits they toss at us. I’m also a big fan of soap operas and serialized sci-fi/fantasy stuff too.

I mean of course there are things I’d like to see and stuff I’m tired of seeing, but that’s been my relationship with fantasy since the beginning. I’ll always be the one who thinks that when you have the option between the stock fantasy tropes and… not that, it’s generally more interesting to go with not that. But I don’t necessarily resent them when they don’t.

Sure, you have people who favor the Brooks family over the Foster family. Team Edward vs Team Jacob. People who debate whether Klingons or Vulcans or more overexposed. But yeah, we’re all in this together.


I think the issue with the Horde and Kaldorei is that Blizzard doesn’t see as many limits for them as they do the Alliance. The formee are tools to move a story forward, while the Alliance is just sort of there, reacting to it all.

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It’s a very loose comparison, in my opinion.

The primary reason why there is so much friction between these two groups is that one wants punishment meted out to the Horde and the other does not.


Does it have to go that route though? Why not have something good happen to them instead? Like restoring their immortality or have Tyrande become the new leader of the Alliance?


I wouldnt say they are in the same boat at all, maybe similar, but both of them think the grass is greener on the otherside.

Immortality back would be good, yes, even in there’s no practical difference before or after.

I don’t think Tyrande has any reason to want to become the new leader of the Alliance, though. The Alliance is better as, you know, an alliance.


I would say theres alot more than that, the honor horde isnt one person and either is the kaldorei, there are members of the honor horde who want them to be more thrall horde now and to actually move in the story in that direction for everyone, and theres those who just wanted to get rid of sylvanas and think thats that, everything is fine now, never mind that belmont is a war crimmal and the horde still has WMDs

Of course, my generalization was meant to be just that. The other, essay-depth posts about that topic in particular are all people need to get into the specifics.

It certainly can - and I’m sure the writers will find some “clever” way to narrate a silver lining for the night elves - but that still glosses over what was done to them by Horde aggressors. Not exactly what the aforementioned NE playerbase wants I reckon.

It would give them a positive story that doesn’t involve wiping out the Horde and Tyrande leading the Alliance would give the fans a different but positive direction for their favored race.

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In what way? What story would Tyrande leading the Alliance be that didn’t involve the Horde?


I can’t say I’d want to be in the same boat as the night elves. They have a tendency to spontaneously combust. :fire::elf::fire:


You… you’re posting on a Goblin…


See, that’s the thing: We voluntarily combust~ Big Think :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: