How many High Elves will you make?

Definitely rogue and lock, maybe hunter as well.


Thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure with all the lore you can work with, you’ll make Snowsong’s background story much more satisfying and lore friendly than what my main’s ever will be, lmao. I’d sooner believe a High Elf returned to Quel’thalas before believing they decided corrupting themselves with Void was something they’d take up for the lols.


I think my Void Elf will stay purple depending on the option because it looks cool, and Hecatone might get teal eyes unless there are brighter green eyes. My BElf hunter might get blue eyes and be a farstrider that initially joined the Silver Covenant but objected to and left after the Purge. He decided the homeland and his people are ultimately more important than the Alliance, no matter who the ally with.


already have 9 on Horde, all different classes

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Zero. I only have one elf character and thats solely because they’re the only available races for that class.


Maybe one or two, as long as they look cool and can have good hair.

Probably just some low level BG alts. Monk and Hunter, most likely, although another warrior is tempting.

I’m way more into Void Elves. Blood and High Elves have gotten so aesthetically boring over the last few years for me.

The one I am is all I need.

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The paladin will keep her golden eyes but will get darker skin, the mage will, I think, retain voidy skin, while the DK… , hmm, I dunno yet.

Probably none, Its fantastic to see people getting playable High elves and I’ve been fighting there with you. But I’m happy as a bloodelf, it’s who my character is.
I also have a void elf and will probably give him a pinker skin tone, but thats because the blue limits transmog options, I’ll keep him with void hair and void eyes to establish he is a void elf, not a high elf.

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none because i will never go by high elf in respect of my fallen kin unlike those traitors on the alliance

p.s blue eyes doesnt = high elf, we were known as blood elves before we got green eyes



Don’t even have velves unlocked even I did I still wouldn’t make one.

Plus they aren’t high elves at all they are velves with a different skin tone

And blue eyes don’t make the Blood elves High elves just a feature name still says Blood/void elf in front of it.

The correct answer is none of course.


Lol same here only Elf I have is a Belf dh and gee I wonder why.

Blood Elves are high elves. We have foxes now, so not likely I will make another.


Disagree, they are to represent the High elves currently right there in the rift willing you join with the void elves and learn void magic. Just like the tattoos for dwarves reprisent the wildhammer, and the new skins for trolls reprisent the other tribes.

Half right, eyes definitly arn’t what make a High elf, but then also…

This story is solid for example, she will be a highelf, who has allied with the bloodelves. She will look the part, fit the part and will for all purposes be a high elf. Just as a void elf could well be one of the Silver Covnant who has teamed up with Alleria and learnt a bit of void magic, but is still a high elf.



This girl will get blue eyes(because I just like blue eyes) but story wise the green just faded from her eyes and now she’s back to her original eye colour. She still is and will forever refer to herself as a Blood Elf.

My DH is a DH. Yummy fel eyes. My DK already has the snow white skin and amazing wispy blue eyes(thank you blizzard for this) so no changes for her.

If I make a void elf honestly I prefer the voidy skin tones and the tentacle hair. Now Void elves please give me the name of the barbers that do that amazing blue hair colour you have. I love it.

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As they were all killed off, none for me. Different color void elves dont interest me, I’ll just keep the look of my void elf mage.

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Take me back to Suramar City. Where the fel is green and the elves aren’t pretty.


My belf mage will be getting blue eyes, but that’s it.