How many High Elves will you make?

So you ARE saying that Kul-tirans and Gilneans are NOT human and that Mag’har orcs are not orcs. As you seem to be saying they are all separate races. Gotcha, you some some incredibly strong head cannon.

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That does not say that Void Elves are a different race. Once again, headcanon.

Provide an official canon source, of something within the lore, that actually says Void Elves are a different race.


It depends on WoW’s definition of race, if we’re being honest.

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They are all human because they all came from Vrykul, but are humans Vrykul? Are Elves all Trolls because they all came from the same Troll ancestor?

The Void elf starter, the stuff about RACES, etc. You’re being dense right now and it does not become you, or are we to agree that all Elf sub-races are in fact Trolls?

And Blood Elves = High Elves physiologically.


Great backstory!


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Again…Where in the article does this mention high elves?

You guys are literally quoting me an article that has ZERO MENTIONS OF HIGH ELVES and you think this is helping???

How many? … hmm let me count

One, two…

None at all actually. I’ll make even more Night Elves instead with the new customizations!

Do you know what “Blood Elf” means?

I speak thalassian on my void elf to my blood elf sisters but all I get from them is a turn of achknowledgement


Do you not know the meaning of this? You can not provide one canon source, but instead, headcanon after headcanon after headcanon.

Void Elves are not a seperate race. Void Elves are the same race as Blood Elves, and High Elves.


That person is trolling. Talking to them is like deliberately stepping in dog turd on the sidewalk, and I should know as I just scraped the stinky aftermath of my attempt at reasoning with her off my shoe.

Bet that leads to some interesting scenarios on RP realms

Oh wonderful.

So, while me being respectful and asking for solid proof (even after not being given any) you resort to calling me a piece of ****? who is not even worth responding to?

Wow. You’re really mature.

These are the people we are dealing with ladies and gentlemen.

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Lets not sink down to there level and start claiming on people are trolling.

imagine a debate between void elves and blood elves in thalassian say chat on who or what is a high elf


“High elf?! Please! Why would you want to be a HIGH elf when you could look all tragic and brooding?”-Umbric

“The Ren’dorei shall prove our worth.”-Umbric

As well you should. Their customizations look fantastic so far and they are long overdue. Every player should be able to make whatever they want from their faction at this point in the game. Better yet, drop the useless faction bs and lets all play together.

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