How many alts is too much?

Good evening Forums, I recently received boost tokens and went crazy over the last few months (played these classes before) I currently have 2 warlocks 60 2 mages 60 and a rouge 45 and a DH 41 and finally one hunter that is 51. I love WoW but I always am just sitting there wondering (I wonder if X is more fun than what Im playing right now and start another class. I now feel so overwhelmed by the characters I have massed and they all are fun but it has become a massive headache on me to chose a main. Or even what I find fun on this point. I clearly suffer from some decision making inability here but partly it stems from never finding active guilds/friends/players I am friends with in game that keep me sticking to one thing or another. Im a solo player and not one by choice. Does anyone else feel this way? Is there a way to overcome indecision within WoW and actually meet people that have fun playing the game? Any advice appreciated. Or any methods to over come this from people who struggle with decision making like I do. Thanks!

My character I consider my “Main” is my fire mage. Please give me a whisper if your on Mal’Ganis and looking to do some content :smiley: Horde of course.


2 alts is too much imo.


I agree. I just keep making new characters because all I really can do and enjoy doing solo seemingly is level lmao.

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Obviously it will be dependent on the person. You have to decide your limit.


On the limit I think I have broke it. The Tokens I was given makes me feel obligated to play these characters when in actuality I agree I think 2 is it for me. my warlock and mage are my OG homies

Yeh, I have 6 alts, but I only really play my main and one of those alts.

It’s quite useful having the alts around for mission tables and whatnot - good supply of runes and mats. But to actually maintain? One alt is already plenty!

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Hrmm I made 6 characters to 60. There isn’t too many characters but I’d say if you’re doing ‘everything’ (m+, raid, maw, torghast, weeklies, etc) then it’s probably 2 alts at most. If you’re just doing weeklies then you can have 4/5 alts no worries.

I’m definitely not. I barely get stuff done due to this feeling of obligation to get some stuff done on ALL of these characters. My mage has been 60 since first week or so and im still I level 189 crazy right?

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I benched most of my alts after the time I rescued 100 souls in a single day.

That was the point I realised it’s not worth it :sweat_smile:


If you want to be competitive and you play around 1-2 hours per day I would say 3 alts + 1 main is enough. More than that you would need to play more or it will take more time.

50, apparently.

I had 12 Level 120s but have only gotten 3 of them to 60 after the squish. I don’t think it matters how many you have as long as you enjoy them.


As many as you are happy with! I just came back at end of February after a long break since MoP. I now have three 60’s (2x Tauren Warriors and a Druid) and am working on the next (45 DK at the moment). I’m solo too since the guild is long gone (they left in Cata). I want to get one of every class to 60 is my goal with each completing at least the 22 renown for that Covenant armour and weapon. Plus it’s nice to be able to run those callings and mission tables on all the characters for the gold.

More than one of the same class

I don’t care for progressing. I have alts in the races I want even in all the classes like VEs, Draeneis and LFD in all the classes.

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I have six accounts, with/over/something 30 Paladins alone.

I don’t multibox seriously (I’ll occasionally resub one of my rando accounts, and put a toon on follow). But I do love my alts.


The only thing I can suggest is to think of the various decisions that come your way as a process of elimination or an experiment.

What I mean by that is you choose one path out of 3 you have available to you.
You try out that path, see how it goes. Then, when you’re bored or have time, try out one of the other choices you didn’t make the 1st time and see how that goes.

The thing about decisions is that it’s not permanent. Nothing is, really so there is really no wrong decision for most things ingame.
That knowledge itself should make you feel free to try things out and not fret about it.
You cannot go wrong.

  • People who have trouble with decisions generally think that there’s a “wrong way and a right way” to do things and they tend to want to be right so they fit in.
    This just isn’t true. It’s a learned behaviour/thought process that can be unlearned but takes conscious effort on that persons part as well as time.
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It depends on what you do with them and how often you play them. If you are happy with having a few little tiny ones just running around being silly once in a while there really is no upper limit. If you want to do progression there is a definite limit.



49 because then you have to get a 2nd account. :frowning:

After you have 1 of every class.