How many 120 alts do you have?

I’m trying to get a few leveled up before 8.1 my self.

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6 or 7 at 120, 2 at 115, 1 at 113 … having a rough time bringing myself to want to level through quests or norm dungeons though. So, playing musical toons until I work up more motivation.


I have 4 right now, holding off on any other major leveling until 8.1 to soak up that sweet sweet exp boost.


Four in total, counting my main, two Alliance and two Horde. I just finished the fourth one yesterday.

Zero as of this writing. I have two that are fairly close. I choose to spend my time enjoying the zones, testing out different alts, and being entertained by some of the funny things NPCs say while questing.
I refuse to scream my way to top level then come to the forums to complain that I’m bored and have nothing more to do in WoW. When I’m bored in WoW, I’ll go play a different game for a little while.
8.1 can’t get here sooner with the exp buffs. I’ll likely start a few new characters.


I have 8 currently. My alliance shaman is 113 but I probably won’t finish leveling her anytime soon.

The raid doesn’t interest me nor does M+ or PvP. Pretty much none of the end game content at the moment interests me so I’ve just been leveling alts because that has sadly been the most enjoyable thing for me. xD But after 8 that’s wearing off too. Can’t wait for 8.1 and the next raid. Looks much more interesting.


I have 2 Druids, just waiting to swap 1 to Zandalari.

So I think my answer is 12?

120 x 4
110 x 22

Will take some time to level them all up, considering waiting until flying, but not if it doesn’t hit around the same time it did in Legion.

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One on horde and two on alliance.

None. I’m waiting till 8.1 to level any others.

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3 months into Legion I had zero max lvl. alts
3 months into BFA I have 6 max lvl. alts


I have two Alliance, my warrior and Paladin.

I have a Horde at 117 but I’m having a hard time staying engaged even though the story is new to me.

No alts yet, trying to decide between a Dark Iron Fire Mage, or Warlock alt right now… or just faction changing my old DK over to the Horde as undead so I can experience the Horde story Content.

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I am 1 level away on 1 alt. So many to work on. D:

OP I got this DK 120 326 Item level at moment trying to get it higher to like 345-350 or mabey higher and trying to go thru stormsong which is making my blood boil I hate the zone yet want to get kul tiras achivment for all alliance toons…

only my main is doing war campaign cant stomach doing it for multiple toons

DH Tank Main -345 item level, level 120
BDK- 326 item level, Level 120
Disc/holy Priest Healer level 111
Sub Rogue level 85

Horde toons

1 Paladin level 72 tank/heal/dps
1 Hunter level 60
1 rogue sub level 60
1 Monk level 2 - This will be one I start with when i get to horde side or my paladin will be.

So basically 4 toons on each side for total of 8 toons.
The rogues on both side I likely wont level I am not a big fan of rogues anymore.

only 2 because i hate being murdered by 2 trash mobs i pulled on accident while questing past 114

BFA is Not Alt freindly takes forever to level up.


From 110 to 120 it takes like no time.

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True but level 1-110 take forever.

7, withhhhh I think like 4 more to go. I have a bunch of Alliance 100s that I skipped leveling in Legion and probably will in BFA as well. Also, will have to level a Zandalari for the heritage armor and then hopefully they give me some kind of Undead Elf to level as well.