How many 120 alts do you have?

Not a single one. Not even bothering to try at this point. I just log in and goof off.


4 120s.

Many more to come depending on how 8.1 turns out.

Sadly none. I don’t know how people can focus on all these alts when this end-game is so grindy (not complaining, but with trying to get the rep / azerite to level up the neck I just don’t see how having so many alts will work).

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8 at the moment. Another 11 are 115-117.

Zip. Zero. Zilch. This is my highest one. I joined WoW in the summer.


4 at 120, one of every other class still at 110. Trying to get started on my warlock but it’s a slog to get through now.

Just my main is 120 at this time. Im working on the next one when I tire of
world quests.

I have like 20 at 110 and 6 at 120 right now, it’s going to be a long haul getting them all there.

I got two or three at 120. Cant remember off hand because I pretty much stopped playing BfA a bit ago and started rolling new allied characters to run in classic dungeons with.
I have something like 10 characters in BfA from 111 to 120 that Id call all of them ‘alts’. Not getting attached to a character again only to have my class nerfed into dust bunnies. Theyre ALL alts.

I have zero 120 alts. I leveled all my alts in WoD when it was super easy. I tried to level some and stopped with 2 in Legion and have zero desire or incentive to level more than my main in BfA.

I have three 120’s. One main and two alts. Working on a fourth now.

Four… Three Alliance and one Horde. Only leveled them for the pet charms. Though with the Anniversary Bonus, I’ll probably get a couple of others to max level before the end of the month.

There isn’t a “sweet” exp boost from 110 to 120. So it may be worthwhile to level those now.

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I have no idea to be honest, 10 I think. I got really bored however and waiting on 8.1 before I do anything. What’s the point in even leveling alts in this expansion? All they do right now, for me at least, is collecting dust like back in the old days. Makes me miss wod/legion cries

5 total at 120. I’m working at getting the rest from 60 to 90.

Once you get “enough” up then waiting for heirlooms is a good idea.

1 my herbalist. I’m leveling an alliance alt now for pathfinder.

All 4 healers at 120 for M+ and raiding.

Got my warlock (main), DK, Shaman, Rogue, and Warrior at 120.

Have a monk at 115, a hunter and DH at 111-112, a mage at 108, and a priest at 104 or 105.

I kind of stopped leveling alts below 110 after seeing the xp changes planned for 8.1, though.

Is “too many” a number?