How long does it take to level?

Fastest case:

  • Alliance
  • Tank (at last until 60)
  • Heirlooms + xp potion

Doing quests from 1 to 15, DGs from 15 to 60 and AV from 60 to 120, probably will take not more than 3 days even if you lose all AVs.

If Horde a little longer because of AV queue time, but still no more than 5 days.

1-60 in about a day, from there I’d queue into the AV event with XP potions, arena heirloom trinkets if you have them and then quest while you wait on the queue. AV will take you from 100-120 in a couple of hours if you go hardcore.

Idk the math on it but Alliance may lvl quicker in AV, they lose all the time but their queues are damn near instant. So in the time it takes for us to get one queue in they could have already lost a game.

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Not classic, I’m pretty sure he’s talking about retail.

About 60 hours total /played will get you there casually.

mercenary. Let’s horde characters q into alliance groups for faster q times

Eh, <2 days played. Depends how you play.

Quest/Dungeon to level 60, Korraks revenge to 120
(Bonus World Objectives in WoD/Legion if you’re in longer-ish Horde Queues).
Stack Heirlooms, learn how to help your team win, it’s much more xp than a loss.

And the other helpful suggestions already posted!

So much this. Also,

That’s been my experience.


I just got this from 1 to 120. It took about 4 weeks. Most of it was questing with some dungeon grinding here & there. 80 to about 100, and 111-120 I did do a little Korrak’s Revenge here & there to speed up the process. It’s a new account, so no heirlooms or what have you.

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The reason I initially asked is I’ve been thinking of race changing a number of my characters like Troll Hunter to Blood elf Hunter and Blood elf Priest to Undead, maybe Goblin Rogue to Undead ect ect. Thing is that’s a lot of money and if I could just level it as opposed to forking over cash that I could use for other stuff then why not put in that time?

Don’t forget the Darkmoon Faire buff, when it’s active.

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Probably about 2 weeks playing casually. I consider casually to be 4 hours a day.

Recently I leveled a monk from 1-120 in only about 2 days /played, probably the quickest I’ve ever leveled, and I wasn’t even going for a record or anything. It’s really quick these days if you dungeon spam as a tank the ques are instant and dungeon leveling is really fast. I also had full heirlooms (- the rings) + the anniverssary event and Korrak’s Revenge on alliance side is REALLY fast. Was getting about 1 level per loss and 2 for a win, from 110-120.

p.s. The bonus objectives around Draenor and the Broken Isles are great exp too, even better if you have flying, which I don’t.

Usually takes me a week of mucking about casually. But then I have all the heirlooms and no life. In classic, I remember vanilla took me a month or so to reach 60. But again, casual.

I was talking about retail, not classic. I don’t play Classic. Levelling still takes a long time. Longer than it ought to, even with heirlooms and XP boosts.

Though I hear they might do a level squish in Shadowlands, but I don’t know if it will improve levelling time much.

What is this life you speak of? Is it tasty?

True. I’ve seen Korraks go as fast as 15 minutes, but I’ve had a guildmate who got stuck in one where both sides turtled and it took a solid 5 hours to complete it.

Talking about Heirloom Gear is all well and good, but while it is account bound (once you buy it, you can load it onto any of your characters, Alliance or Horde), if this is your first character, it’s going to be a bit expensive to get.

As well, when these people are talking about /played remember that 4 days of /played equals 12 days of real time if you’re playing 8 hours a day. If you’re only doing 4 hours a day, that’s 24 real time days. And while you’re gathering /played time no matter what you’re doing, if you’re RPing or just travelling, you’re not gaining experience which will lengthen your time.

One last thing I would recommend, if you can get good bag space early on, is to pick up 2 of the 3 gathering skills Herbalism, Mining and Skinning. Every time you use the skill you’ll gain experience which will speed up your leveling.

But more importantly than SpeedLeveling is to have fun.

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For me? Ohh you don’t want to know.

…I don’t think I want to know either. Definitely well into the 100s of hours though.

I’m weird and like leveling. So I freeze my level a lot. Frozen right now.

Played time ?? maybe 16 hours on average

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How do you do that exactly?

Time to level is sort of irrelevent. You can skip most content and run korracks and level fast.

Attempting to follow the game worlds path to 120 is a jarring, confusing mess of content pile up,and stoylines overlapping with conflicts ect. Its pretty bad when you can skip entire xpacs running a few dungeons. Its easy to get lost in quests.

Its imo best to level boost and skip the ignored mess that is levelling or wait for the 9.0 level squish, which,attempts to band aid the problem.

I’ve recently rolled a new Zandalari monk. I’ll only quest with him when he has the rested xp bonus since I’m not one for dungeons or PvP. I have only gotten him out with the WoW anniversary bonus. As everyone says, each style of play will take a differing amount time.

It took me 23 hours to reach level 60. (I also gained a level in 18 minutes in my early 50’s)

Perhaps this example will offer a different perspective.

Happy adventuring :popcorn: