How long does it take to level?

From 1 to 120 how long does it usually take?


With heirlooms and xp event buffs i wanna say 4 days tops.

Depeneds on how dedicated you are to leveling a toon, and what you chose to level. If you’re going to level a DPS, and just spam dungeons, probably a while as you will be spending most of the time waiting for queues to pop.

If you’re going to do a mixture of everything, and just focus on leveling, can actually be quite fast without noticing it.

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Thanks for the comments everyone.

If you do it by questing, it can take awhile, a couple weeks depending on how much you play but you get all your reps, etc… that way.

If you do it by spamming dg’s, that’s faster but how much faster, Idk.

You can boost a toon but that’s $60. If you’re going to buy the next expac, one of the sales has a boost included.

Ha! With current queue times? Maybe if you’re a tank. And even that’s a stretch.

I’d wager it’s closer to about two weeks if you’re a fast leveller and no-life-ing it, and close to a month realistically if you’re not a tank or healer.

More than a month if you play casually or do other things on your alts / main or if queue times get even slower.

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4-5 days /played. More if you’re DPS dungeon spamming with no questing, as Sara mentioned.

I feel like people fall into a trap of saying “4 days” as if 4 days /played is the same as logging in 4 different days though. Obviously it’s not. 4 days of play time might take someone playing way too much with no obligations like… a week or so? But for someone who, say, logs in for a few hours on Friday/Saturday and not much more? Yeah that’s gonna be months.


way to long to bother doing more than twice.


If you have a 120, you can buy a 10% xp potion
If you go warmode to level, you get that boost
During the 15th Anniversary you get a 15% boost

Now is a great time to level. I believe you can enter AV at level 20, and I’ve been getting 1-2 levels per toon per BG. If you’re horde, you’ll have a longer wait time, so questing in zones like Ghostlands where you probably get ganked is a nice way to fill the time while waiting for the BG queue.

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Took 25 hours to level from 60-120 in Koraks as horde. If I were to do it again, I would probably get a mage to teleport me to dalaran so that I could merc for alliance because half of that time was spent in queue, 10-15min q times as horde.

With heirlooms and dungeon spams, before the anniversary event, I was making it to 120 in about 3 days /played.

It’s hours played with the anniversary buff and a drought of 10 lands.


I have no idea why people are saying it takes so long to level. It takes me anywhere between 15-20 hours to hit 110 and another 5-10 to hit 120.

Questing is the fastest way I’ve found so far. I haven’t tried the AV anniversary event so I can’t comment on that.

If you want to level fast then:

1)Enchant Heirlooms, I can’t stress this enough. With Scaling these make a huge difference. If you go to google and type in best heirloom enchants a google doc will be one of the first results. The most important tend to be Hidden Satyr and Elemental force.

  1. Download Azeroth auto pilot. I can not stress this enough THIS IS A MUST. It will turn in quests for you and tell you where to go. This is by far the best quest addon I’ve used.

3)Stack as many experience buffs as possible. Anniversary buff, Draught of ten lands, and if darkmoon faire is up then stack that too. I don’t use warmode but that’s personal preference.

Also one last tip for 110-120 I like to use heirlooms over azerite. I’ll buff myself as much as possible. Flask, food, and a battle-scarred augment rune.


I feel like if you are not looking forward to the leveling process you should just skip it. Come back to it when you feel you have time to enjoy it.

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I’m sorry, “Merc it”?

With korraks and heirlooms, my most recent leveling took 3 days /played. Get it while it’s good.

I you do Korrak’s Revenge at level 60 it would take you less than a day.

Unless you have some super secret strategy, I’m calling boshi on this time estimate.


I keep queueing?

I did the same as I leveled. Theres a huge difference between my measured 3 days and your less than 1 day claim.

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Quest. Enjoy the journey. It’ll take longer but you get to go through storylines.

If you wanna go fast plop on the heirlooms, quest and spam dungeon queues.

The last character I leveled was my warlock and that took me about 3 days of playtime if I remember correctly.