How long before we write the Community Council as a PR stunt?

Actually, the original secret forums ran by Ghostcrawler were extremely successful. This was during MoP where class design is hailed to be the best its ever been. Regardless what you thought of the game itself, classes were easily the most enjoyable of any time in the games history.


I have as you have asked and I yield the same result

Yeah I disagree with that. These forums and class forums were in utter chaos over it because the members of those forums weren’t giving “proper feedback”. This ideology is already present in this thread.

That’s not really specific, either in it’s response or to the community council. The old suggestion forums also had some great threads with detailed feedback. We were told the point of the CC was to have better communication with the developers, which we haven’t seen any real indication of.


I gave up on it the moment it was announced. TBH


The CC has offered that actually. The developers there aren’t being harassed by 1000s of people’s and each of their individual gripes with the game.

That is absolutely an improvement in communication with the developers.

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The people that were selected for that secret forums are not the same people who would have posted on the general forums regardless. The people selected were all extremely skilled high level raiders/pvpers to give feedback.

Nobody even knew about these forums until like a year ago when one of the people who posted about it made a huge infodump on it. So at the time nobody had any idea that this stuff was going on outside the people posting on them.

Even with that, classes were still the most enjoyable they’ve ever been.

yawn point

We are both completely talking about the wrong thing here. A secret class feedback isn’t it.

I love their obligatory “ I’m interested in your thoughts on this”


But it has not been an improvement in communication from the developers in my opinion, and many other peoples opinion.

I still think it’s too soon to start pressing for more Blizzard responses, I assume they are taking a more calculated approach. But in my opinion it’s their radio silence that was always the problem, not “poor feedback” from the community.


Oh i don’t really know what you’re talking about then.

Haha, honestly the least they could do is hit the like button on the original poster so at least they feel like the blue has read their post.


I think to say this is very unfair for two reasons. One, there are actual conversations being had in those forums with not just community managers but game producers as well. This is not something we really ever see on the regular forums, for good reasons mind you.

And two, a large part of communication is listening. You don’t always have to respond to be a good communicator. Actions speak louder than words, and Blizzard’s latest actions in regards to Classic TBC realm issues show that not only are they listening very intently to feedback posted on the Community council forums, but they are also acting.

Their communication has greatly improved and I could see the WoW community council having a huge impact on not just the game but the community as well. It has been a very positive thing for everyone and everything relating to this little world of ours.

I dismissed it as a PR stunt by the wording of the application. Written feedback is meaningless anyway, they balance the game around in game metrics analytics. Vote with your play style :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, but I wholeheartedly disagree that their communication has improved. Good for you for being optimistic. It isn’t like we don’t have our reasons to be doubtful.


“We get a lot of feedback…and that’s great.”

lol, yeah ok. Sign me up.

Honestly if you only read the very few TBCC threads, they have posted some really great feedback.

Lol man since i made this thread, there has been another blue post on a TBCC topic. The blue poster actually expanded on what his original post was why can’t we get feedback like this man…

I just went to see if I was wrong and was prepared to eat my words, but yeah… if you are only looking at the TBCC threads, communication really has improved. That’s about it.

That’s ok, you’re entitled to your opinion, but I am interested to know why you think that. Have you seen posts like those found in the community council forums from Blizzard game producers and community managers before? If so, where?

I wouldn’t call it optimistic, just realistic. I can’t deny things that my eyes have seen for themselves.

I understand why people are jaded, but the very definition of the word implies an unfair perspective fueled by pessimism.

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ThE WhOl3 C()MpAnEE iZ 0n VaCatUuN

that seems to be the go to defense response.


I don’t think it ever had that potential.