How is this okay?

How has this gone on for so long? This is a log from a pure single target encounter.

Sinful Brand doing 27% of overall damage. The ability breakdown is actually comical at this point. DH without that brand is quite literally a joke. This is every single fight mind you, not just this one.

Why has DH had to go on this long without proper fixes? the entirety of shadowlands DH has been tuned so poorly that without Borrowed power going into DF we are a dead spec. Not to mention our gameplay is a dumpsterfire of spamming chaos strike over and over and over.

Fix havoc


Working as Intended.

Stop complaining and demanding a nerf to our only ability keeping us where we are. Go roll Warlock if that troubles you.

Actually let me rephrase that, we have been fighting for a few months now to get attention, got nothing. You expect a fix? Wait till Dragonflight


Takes set up, planning, and RNG in order to maintain high enough uptime on SB in order for it to do that much damage.

It’s just fine

this is factually incorrect. after initial eyebeam/meta/eyebeam it’s pretty difficult to have it drop off, and even if it does, by that point you will have another eyebeam and sinful waiting for you down the road…oh and another eyebeam/meta/beam combo

Incorrect again.

In order to main that 99% uptime, you need RNG on your side and to get lucky with Cycle of Hatred procs. You also need one of 2 legendaries: Collective Anguish or DGB. If RNG is not so lucky, then you need to hold off on Eye Beam to line it back up with your next Sinful Brand cast, and so on and so forth.

RNG is baked into DH at this point. Regardless of RNG it is not difficult to maintain sinful brand uptime during boss encounters. If you are having troubles then you aren’t pressing buttons.

Only half true, the fact that CA gives twice as much of an increase to SB compared to a single eyebeam means, there is ample time for you to get enough procs from CoH with little concern about it dropping off.

True but stop acting like Legendaries aren’t a borrowed power system.

I promise across all of the WoW logs of people who have cleared Sanctum on normal or higher SB will be the top dps ability for all Havoc DHs

Yeah I thought I touched on that by mentioning Collective Anguish. Maybe I left that part out. But yeah, CA = 2x Eyebeam every Eyebeam.

DGB = RNG but able to go up upwards of 4-5 Eyebeams back to back (highest I’ve gotten was 6).

I never claimed otherwise? Most classes and specs are feeling dead in the water without any borrowed power systems.

But we dunno what DF has in store yet so we can’t complain about how Havoc is gonna look in that scenario