How is the Alliance not losing their minds over the Forsaken retaking Lordaeron?

Just came back to WoW and hearing that the Alliance just let the Forsaken walk right back into Lordaeron blew my f-ing mind!

Do the current writers just not understand how important of a city Lordaeron is?! It is the single most important location north of the Thandol Span! Just having control of that one city gives you an overwhelming military advantage over a third of the Eastern Kingdoms! It’s the entire reason Thrall let the Forsaken into the Horde in the first place! Sure Cairne was petitioning on behalf of the Forsaken but control of Lordaeron city was canonically the deciding factor. And Thrall was right too, the Frostwolves would have easily fallen to the Stormpikes in Alterac had Thrall not been able to send reinforcements through Tirisfal.

Not to mention the symbolic importance. Lordaeron is a HOLY CITY to all Humans. “Tirisfal” is “Tyr’s Fall” this is where Tyr died protecting the Humans from Zakajz which was the event that converted Humanity from shamanism to light worship! The fact that the unholy shadow-worshipping undead have been inhabiting it has been chafing at the Humans ever since the Third War.

But back to the strategic importance. After all these years the Alliance had FINALLY removed the Horde presence from the Eastern Kingdoms. Silvermoon was the only remaining bastion of Horde power and it was tucked away in northern tip of the continent where they could be easily contained. Losing Lordaeron was a tremendous loss for the Horde and a huge victory for the Alliance, even if Sylvanas filled it with blight. But now that victory is undone and the Alliance is now competing with Horde influence and all the work they’ve done to eject the Horde has been undone in a single day. When before the Alliance would have enjoyed total advantage in any possible Horde invasion of the Eastern Kingdoms now the Horde once again has a fortified launching point to strike whenever they want. This is a colossal security threat for the Alliance.

How could any Human be okay with this? This whole thing is like if Orcs decided they wanted to live in Amirdrassil instead and told the Night Elves to stay on Hyjal.

Not to mention it’s the home of Turalyon, you know, the current leader of the Alliance and religious fantatic? Why isn’t he hopping up and down about his home being taken from him?



This is bait.


How is this bait?

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Also seethe


I guess where to really start? Yeah, its important for a variety of reasons you outlined but it was just untenable to control long term.

Your nearest stronghold, and this is being generous, is Gilneas which was actively being fought over and haven’t had a stable Gilnean or Alliance presence in 10 years. Otherwise your next closest one is maybe Stromgarde which is, also, being fought over and was just recently ‘Forsaken’ controlled, being little more than ruins prior to that. The following closest is Menthal Harbor, which is still underwater? So you’re realistically shipping stuff up all the way from Stormwind to reinforce blighted ruins so bad that even the Forsaken had to go to Maldraxxus to clean it up. What strategic and logistical sense does that even make from the Alliance? Add on to the rest of the expansion of a still existing Forsaken military in WPL and Silverpine who need no daily resources, fighting over Stromgarde, trying to sway Kul’tiras to get a navy, doing their dumb plan to invade Zandalar to make sure they dont join the Horde, and half of the blue team going back to Darkshore, including your nearest alley Gilnaes, the Alliance about to draft farmers to start fighting, before the war really goes downhill with the whole Najatar thing and we get dumb Shadowlands, reinvigorating the remaining Scourge and allowing them to roam everywhere, causing greater internal strife within the Alliance and Horde and being stretched thin to contain them. The logistics just aren’t there to take and hold blighted ruins even if they wanted to, which they didnt.

Hardly any humans still care about Lordearon being human again. Most have accepted its Forsaken now and that is not changing any time soon. Most of the humans who lived there are Forsaken or dead at this point. With exception of the Scarlets, maybe some remaining Argents, and your odd refugee that made it out, theres no claim there as a human kingdom, at least as it was. Maybe go settle Tyr’s Hand if the Ebon Blade don’t kill you.

We also have no evidence of this, even to my dismay.

Bait or not, you’re really putting too much stock in its overall strategic importance. The Forsaken are hemmed in by Gilneas and a reclaimed Stromgarde to the south, Argents to the east, and water to the north and west further limited by a fairly nearby Kul’Tiras - whereas Zandalar and Orgrimmar are far further away. Where are they really going? What danger do they seriously pose to anyone but themselves and radical reclaimers?


Amirdrassil was just made. And after the loss of Teldrassil. Capital City has been in Forsaken hands for over a decade? And the Forsaken were already largely drawn from prior inhabitants of the area.

Doesn’t seem like much of a comparison.


I can’t find my copy of Tides of Darkness but the wowpedia entry does say he considered it his home before the Second War.
To be fair though, that was a thousand years ago for him; I’d be very surprised if he remembered a single thing from the living Capital City.


Sorry, meant more of the religious fanatic aspect.

When I said “religious fanatic” I kind of just meant “paladin”

Words have meaning my friend. When you said fanatic I was imagining Scarlet but Lightforged.


Lordaeron has never belonged to Stormwind, or Ironforge, or any other member of the Alliance of Stormwind. The Forsaken are the original Lordaeronians.


All the Lordaeron refugees living in Stormwind would disagree


The majority of the lordaeron died and became the forsaken. Most of the survivors would likely barely fill up a room, let alone there being enough to run an entire kingdom


There are a LOT of Lordaeron survivors are you kidding me? And the vast majority of the Alliance didn’t even consider the Forsaken actual people until recently.

That entirely depends on what you mean by A lot.

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They don’t have greater rights than the ones who never left until the Battle of Lordaeron.


The war is over, and some form of reparations need to be made. Seeing as the majority of Lordaeron’s citizenship are members of the Forsaken, and the city has belonged to them ever since its fall, they have the most right to it of anyone (yes, even the living Lordaeronians).

Speaking as someone who played mostly Alliance, I can say for myself that I actually don’t give a damn about the Alliance reclaiming Lordaeron, and it should belong to the Forsaken.


If we want to get technical, Stormwind and Lordaeron have been described as Sister Kingdoms. Refugee populations merged into each kingdom at one point or another, whether it be from the Second or Third Wars.

It’s also worth noting that per, ‘A Thousand Years of War,’ we know Turalyon is a noble of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, his father’s name (Dorus) having been dropped as well. That’s the man who’s the regent of Stormwind right now.

The two kingdoms are connected. Of course, the Kingdom of Lordaeron is fallen. The Forsaken rule over that blighted and cursed land now. They may call it Lordaeron if it please them, but it’s no longer the kingdom from which Turalyon came.


the forsaken are lordaeron, despite what some scarlet might tell you.
and lordaeron has joined the horde.

they also only lost the capital not the entire kingdom, the only chunk of lordaeron that the alliance holds is southshore