How is everyone enjoying pvp?

you think the vendor removal was because it might incentivize players with sl to upgrade?
not the craziest thing ive heard and i wouldn’t put it past blizzard. seems like more than just an oversight since the sl pvp trinkets are still available.

Yes, Yes, Hell no, and Hell no.
Rogue, assuming that is your main is middle of the pack for melee specs right now, which is far better than every caster that isn’t a warlock. Shadow Priest was good, but come Tuesday it’s getting a 10 to 25% nerf across pvp. A lot of melee trolls on the forums will say otherwise.

no really bad expansion overall only bought cause they offered free 30days

There was nothing at all on the vendors for the first week, then the trinkets were added?
And yes they were left out for incentive reasons, same as the only bracket in this game where PS characters have a weaker template. Clearly through design choices it is not made to be a welcoming place to stay.
There is very rarely coincidences tied to money being earned.
Some of the names that Activison has hired over the years specialize in these marketing techniques. Successful resumes that come with it.

What’s happening there?

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Nice! I like the part about leaving impacting mmr.

Are you asking for fort when not all players are in the game yet? Most priests, that I’ve noticed, will buff, buff again, rebuff, and then buff some more. I don’t understand that stupidity. I always wait until all players are in before buffing or until the last 10 sec if we’re showing not a full group (which is far too often lately for alliance).


Yup. On my alts with buffs I do the same. Wait until all show up or the final countdown. Table goes up when I get in, though. I haven’t leveled a Lock to 70 yet but I’d probably drop a few wells throughout the game, as well. Let people grab a new one or refresh stacks if they used some.

It’s fantastic. Super easy to gear and very alt friendly.

Systemwise and class balance its miles better than legion, bfa and SL if im being honest with you, just go get your honor gear in 3 or 4 hours and hop in the rated content and have fun. Soo its pretty ez for your main and alts

Been doing solo shuffle every now and then with my evoker, took around 20 games to get my1800s which is usually my goal every season so its pretty fine imo even though the queue sucks a lot if you dont do anything while waiting for it to pop and high brackets are suffering a lot with elavers, hopefully it gets fixed this tuesday.

No idea about class balance. Its usually bad in mmos but not unplayable.

PVP is completely unbalanced, and blizzard has completely lost touch with their game and 100% does not care about anything anyone says they do not care about the state of the game. Casters have so much trouble with the nonstop silences and stuns playing as a mage in rbgs is completely broken and i will not get an invite to rated rbgs they way i see it is melee has stun silence no cast times etc and they know that so at the end of a battle ground a demon hunter will be 20 million damage and a mage will be 5 million. They are taking the stance that they cannot fix it so why give any attention to it. We have been duped again about "blizzard caring and understanding from all points. How is melee so overpowered in battle grounds is beyond me they literally can’t be stopped. In a 1v1 it is different but, in a team fight you are just belted with stuns kicks silences etc. there is no longer cc immunity so you can be nonstop chained, and they just don’t give a truck about it.


PVP is better because you don’t need to farm PVE stuffs like legendary in SL. 424 for conquest and 411 for honor sets feel great, because I don’t need to waste time to farm honor sets for multiple character. And I won’t need to fight elite geared at sub 1800, because everyone got same ilvl.

Not all classes/spec are good in pvp though. At least they are trying to balance the outliner. They should look at some underpower healing/dmg spec, bring them up as well. Some people like this expansion, some people hate it, depends on what you are enjoying the most.


its the most fun ive had in 10+ years with wow honestly

i already have 9 level 70s and 8 of them have full honor gear.

its fun to be able to switch it up. im an altoholic tried and true… so this xpac is good for me.



Personally since playing since the start of WoW this has been some of the most fun and involved PvP in any expansion. You have different paths to gear for pvp, WPvP is a thing again and you do get rewarded for it. It would be nice to get either no conquest cap or at-least have it raised a bit

I think there certainly some things that I’d personally like to see changed and that’s the amount of CC in the game. I do miss PvP back when most all classes only had 1 maybe 2 interrupts and gap closers.

Some new battlegrounds would be nice though. There is always so much work done to new m+ dungeons and raids, but PvP seems to get a bit forgotten about in terms of new battlegrounds. They added the feature of the special BGs with neat little affixes and rules to them, but it’s not so rad when you have to sit in a 30m+ que for them.

I’ve gone back to my roots and am spending more time in wpvp. There’s an actual population there and that makes it enticing.

I usually exclusively play random BGs, because that’s what I find fun. This expansion, I bought it, purchased a month sub and have gotten bored the game. No new random BGs, everything is the same. Unsubbed, 2 days left of play time :smiley:

I do see some classes performing way over other classes, so that is also a big turn off for me. The balancing seems to be a little off class wise, they got the gear right though. Still a huge turn off for me, just seems like Blizz doesn’t even play their own game.

I am assuming, but based on the amount of Rated BGS I have played it is pretty obvious they are target calling, when everyone targets the same exact person at the same exact time it is pretty obvious.

I like that I no longer need to deal with hunting for a group for RBGs or PvE for my PvP gear. Not a huge fan of SS but its better then the other options.

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you dont wait to fort after the early heroism?