How does shadowlands compare to classic?

I’m not in the beta. Just curious for those of you who are, if you’re enjoying shadowlands and find it plays any more like classic.

They aren’t going to be removing the strong majority of systems currently in the game just because a new expansion dropped.

Level cap is 60, but that’s about it I think… :stuck_out_tongue:

No, but it does sound like they are walking back many of the negative aspects of retail and that’s encouraging.

I haven’t followed it incredibly closely but from what I’ve seen, “Plays more like classic” isn’t a quality I’ve noticed.


I haven’t really been following it either, just hearing bits and pieces, so maybe I’ve been completely misled, but I’m willing to give it a shot

I also wonder about this. I don’t follow the beta, the news, etc of Shadowlands so all that I know about the game is that the maximum level is 60.

From everything I’ve heard, it’s looking better than BFA.


yeah well Blizzard said BFA was going to be better than legion too and look what happened


Does anyone know if Shadowlands will have “personal loot” for raiding and dungeons?

Yes, it will.

Yeah this is why was asking players. Interestingly it seems like no one has any first hand knowledge though. :frowning: They may have really doubled down on priority to social media folks. But at least no one’s saying it’s horrible and not worth a look.

remember though Watcher is hyping it and you see what most of the stuff he hyped turns out to be let the past history be the judge

If Shadowlands leveling is good but the endgame is crap itll be exactly like Classic


Just more of the same drivel the current dev team has been putting out for years. Ion likes to talk, but that’s all it is…talk.


I think the problem with expansions after Legion (at least from my point of view) is that Legion was SO EPIC!! I don’t really mean that in a fanboi sort of way. We got legendary weapons and legendary pieces of gear to use. We fought off the Burning Legion and eventually went to Argus to fight them. The final raid was in front of the Titans themselves to throw Sargeras from Azeroth. Everything about the expansion just seemed to be on an epic scale.

Then we head over to Kul Tiras and Zandalar. And while the story quests were quite good, we find ourselves basically doing farm chores for the people and have to return all of our legendary equipment (which for some unexplainable reason with the exception of the weapons becomes obsolete). We go from an epic war against the Burning Legion and the Titan Sargeras himself back to killing bears and spiders for townsfolk.

In my opinion, Blizzard just made Legion WAY too epic in scale and story. There just really isn’t any way for the story to go but down for further expansions after experiencing a story like that on such a grand scale.



“Blizzard said”. This time players are saying it. Let’s hope.

that what they are saying to all the shareholder ROLF!

Dude what they are saying to the share holder are some pr lie tell the truth

yeah more of the high quality work by the same team that proudly gave us “Do you guys not have phones?”

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Au contraire.

The gameplay loop became more rigid in BFA from Legion.

In Legion you could grind AP in dungeons. They decided that was degenerate.
In Legion you could avoid WQs altogether. They decided that was degenerate.

I won’t say Legion was amazing because it wasn’t (my opinion) but the sliding depravity of a single gameplay loop is the essence of BFA and why BFA is trash.

Whatever happened to allowing people to just do dungeons, or arena, or raid all expansion? Oh… participation metrics.