How does mistweaver feel to guys?

I wanted to level one in df but someone told me they feel horrible right now?

is a hate/love thing , there is no middle grounds…try it and see it yourself

u like being at melee range as healer? thats the 1 question…

I playied mw alittle in sl
I just hear its not good in df but suppode ur right and there is only one true way to find out

Just like most expansions mistweaver is fine unless you are top 100 or pushing the highest key levels.


MW feels exceptionally fun to play and very responsive/bursty. Mana isnt as bad as it was in BFA assuming you are regenning with SotC and not over casting certain spells.


It’s fine. Coming from resto druid, it takes some getting used to with so much of your healing coming from actively doing damage, but I like it. Bit to many buttons for my liking though.

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I like it a lot, so far. Dungeon wise, vivify feels very weak, but the healing from ancient teaching is really, really good.

They are not druid/evoker tier strong for dungeons, but I feel they are very much the most fun healer - by far- if you like melee gameplay


Did some Mythics as MW, it can get a bit dicey at times but the passive healing is very nice.

Problem I’m having is that I tunnel-vision TP/BoK/TP/BoK since it’s so effective on the Faeline that I forget about RSK and TFT, which is not good.

At the least it means there’s room for improvement and I’m already doing 11k HPS overall which seems to be typical for Mythics lately.

My Mythics have been much higher overall HPS, because my DPS randos all stand in blade storms.


It’s VERY CLOSE to feeling good. The only things holding it back are Faeline Stomp, and (currently) everyone’s low haste rating.


11k does seem low, like maintenance healing low. 20k-25k seemed to be the regular for most of the m0 dungeons, with higher spikes during heavy aoe or missed mechanics - assuming proper ren mist set up.

I have however seen upward of 30k-37k during some bad times but that’s with a revival and yulon thrown in there. The revival was prob buffed with the 20% healing buff from the “save them all” talent.

MW is fun :3


Granted barely anyone died outside of one-shot mechanics, which I guess is the standard in the end for Healer.

WoWhead has a weird no-Rising Mist build (instead speccing into Secret Infusion and Invoker’s Delight which benefit more if player has low Haste), so maybe that’ll work out better for my playstyle.

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Deff play what works for you!
I’m running a weirder build too but it’s fun and seems to work great. Ill have to fine tune it for raids when I get there though.

That build is jank AF. lol but whatever works, works

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Highest Hps i’ve had so far was 17k - that includes a lot of heroics, and all m0 pugged. Haven’t seen streamers or heard any stories close to 25k.

Also, you should try chi-ji - doing m0s with 75-80% of your healing coming from AT & chi-ji is quite a bit more fun than spamming an undertuned vivify spell

17k was the general end boss amt on most of the mythic bosses for me when mechanics were done properly. On bosses with mechanics messed up saw around 20k-25k. On trash pack overpulls with possibly missed mechanics and with all cooldowns needed saw upwards of 30-37k.

Did it, didn’t enjoy it, there are other talent options that seem to do great especially if your wowhead build can only cap out at 17k hps. Also playing on a ley line most of the time doesnt feel good at all and isnt fun. This is what details showed me and I dont really care if you believe it or not rofl.

Not how it works even if you dont go AT/RM builds, maybe you should learn to monk if you think that is all we do. I guess this is what happens when you rip a build off wowhead without understanding the talents and toolkit.

You’re only lvl 10 come back in 60 levels.


I’m not sure whether you are being obtuse on purpose or not

the 17k i mentioned was overall healing, obviously the number is gonna be lower or higher depending on packs/bosses. Obviously the healing number for a specific pack/ boss mechanic was much higher.

You not liking playing with faeline is fine, but it should still be what we recommend people to try out first for dungeons - because it’s by far the best build.

And back to you being obtuse, obviously this character is level 10 because i’m European and needed to make a US-character to post here.

Telling me to learn to play monk, when from what I can see you’ve never done anything mythic raiding or mythic plus on your monk is quite something - or is raiderio just bugged for your character?

Ah, so you just made a character to troll on here. Gotcha.

HPS and overall healing are 2 different things.


gonna use this comment to reply to both your comments

Well, you started by commenting to another poster with some very suspicious numbers, and i replied questenioning them and then posting some advice, which in turn make you go instantly on the defensive and start proclaiming things like using wowhead build, and not even being level 70.

with the hps/overall healing comment, yes, i should’ve written overall healing, but you should also have been able to guess what it meant from the contect of the comment, since it was commenting on your overall numbers, I’ll take that though. It’s late in Europe

Main point, you gave advice to someone - you react to advise by looking to slander people