How does Blizzard possibly think PVP is balanced?

So MDPS get looked after again…

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That one comment pointing out the class of the OP


Rogues, Feral Druids

Do you need 17 more mini stuns and 4 more fears on top of what you already have?


Nothing compared to the BS Rogues have, and whats your strat for ferals that convoke from stealth?

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They literally don’t think about pvp at all, so…


Anything. Stand next to your pet is the easiest

Summon a kevin. Kevin is the destroyer of convoke


Axe toss him?

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Just have your pet Legion Survival Hunter hurl axes at the melee.

OP appears to be affliction, so probably trinket horrify.

I mean class wise it’s pretty balanced, every class has a comp that can be successful, sometimes the game itself is just a little wonky

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How do you know that blizzard thinks PvP is balanced? How do you know they want it to be balanced?

It’s not balanced, it’s never balanced, but I think it’s been pretty fun this xpac all considering.

This expac has been fun in a head shaking way

A lock whining right now… That’s funny

Outlaw does need gutted though. busted spec still.

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They work with the concept of having OP classes each season/expansion.
They dont really care about pvp, the budget for pvp in SL was 10k U$, wich they used to make a single new arena map.
Also the comunity management only care about the top players.

Thats the essence of the pvp.

No, I think it’s more just that they equate random battlegrounds to LFD.

Which is kind of what they are.

Try to level a new toon from zero gear in pvp then tell me if they care about pvp at all.


Is there something in particular I’m looking for?


Blizz dont even care about their pockets, SL pvp have the smallest playerbase ever and the gear gap + burst meta is guaranteed to push ppl away from pvp.

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