How does Blizzard possibly think PVP is balanced?

Yeah, every time I see a Gu*rdian Druid on the other team.


Idk, I think gearing alts will be very easy next week with Spoils of War giving 25% bonus conquest and 40% bonus honor. You just do the weekly quests given to you by the guy at the PvP vendor area while getting your daily wins in random bgs, epic, brawl, skirm and solo shuffle. As Alliance you just get even more bonus honor on top of it which makes getting the 285 honor set a breeze and you use that to hit like, 1600 in arenas and just farm the conq/honor to buy and upgrade that from yolo rated bgs.

It seems like a lot, but its actually pretty manageable over the course of the week.

I was playing some 3s with my m+ tank on his guardian druid to get him a chest for his 4 set. The guy was hitting 40k mauls on people along with the burst damage of ret/spriest, it was the most ape thing i’ve ever seen.

I did it with 3. All of them are max honor gear and conq capped.

That’s only 2-3 hours per night and a heavy weekend day since s4 came out.

Just do the quests and hammer out those epic bgs.