How do you get full Gladiator set?

I know you get the set through Conquest Points however it seems like you are limited on the amount of points you get per season so how do you get the full set in one go?

Halfway through the season the cap will likely be lifted and then you’re free to farm to your heart’s content

For now, between capping weekly, alts and great vault, you can get a lot of the pieces

If you end up not finishing it, the full thing will be available for 12 marks of honor at the start of next expansion


wait does the cap reset weekly?

You get 550 more every week yeah

The idea behind the cap is to keep the different gearing methods in line with each other, and also helps casuals/alts not fall behind as quickly

Its a lot easier to jump into pvp when everyone else can’t have more than 2200 conquest than having conquest unlocked day 1 and by day 2 a casual gets off work and gets steamrolled by sweaties who farmed 11k conq in a day


You cant get the set in 1 go. You gotta get it thru the vault and the conquest gains for the week.
Its a marathon not a sprint.

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o thats good to know cuz i play a lot of alts so its a lil wild rn

one of the most painful currency grinds in wow unless you get lucky and can get rated wins.

Its a bad system, they should simply make conquest gear/sparks transmog only and make everyone battle with honor gear.

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this is what modern wow has come to huh
timbermaw furbolg has harder than this

If you get 1800 in rated pvp you can get the elite set.

what no yuck stop it

Nah, current gearing is just about we perfect as we can hope aside from them opening the catalyst early.


The current gear system means we got to play unbalanced BGs, unbalanced solo queues and the tier sets means gonna be even more class unbalance.

Player ability is far more of a factor than a handful of item levels. I got a char to 70 the other day and got 437 that afternoon and am like 441 now.


Im not comparing factors here, and is almost impossible to measure player habilitie on that matter…
Gear is a very impactful factor, as class balance and both things can be changed by the devs, player hability not.
Also, as i said, the gear gap ALONE brings many problems, specially in BGs, isnt fun to farm gear while u have less damage and HP than your adversary, may it take 20h of farming or a week, and the game is meant to be fun.
Another point is that even if you start farming gear now you wont be at the same lvl of someone who started farming on week 1 because of spark itens.

Everybody gets 437 for free and bis is like a few ilevs higher.

My char I leveled yesterday has 3 spark items, lmao.


You couldn’t come up with a better gear system than we have now unless they just dumped BiS into your bags upon hitting 70.


Yeah, u got 3x5 itens cause u farmed sparks during 2 weeks, i dont get the joke.

There are many ppl farming honor in BGs actually and isnt “free”, they have to farm it during several hours.

I just did bgs/skirms.

Even casual players can wrap up 437 in a day or two.

Sorry to hear things haven’t improved for some people despite gearing being equalized/fixed.


question in order to get the elite tmog set do i have to reach the 1800 rating on said toon (evoker) this season or can i just do it as priest then buy it for evoker ? like is it account wide ? tbh idc bout titles just want to know if the tmog is account wide . This is the first time ive cared to try again since their is tmog i like .