How do you feel about garbage gnomes?

I am so happy blizzard finally added a walking trash race that can give my profession some true meaning. If there was ever a time Gazlowes garbage men were needed its now. Rarely outside of trash elementals do we find get to really shine. Also. Playable garbage man/woman class please.

trash elementals

i knew something was missing from my shaman


They look cool

Your jealousy of our sheer perfection is noted.


The look awesome but I love my elves

The princess look is fabulous.

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I’m happy some people like them and enjoy the game more with them. But they are not for me. Maybe if their limbs didn’t mess with armor transmog? or give people the option to have the armor show instead of the limbs?

Scrapper a garbage themed spec could easily be a tinker spec.

Isn’t that all gnomes?

Yeeeeeees, recycle, repurpose refurbish.

I am rather fond of my little Borg Gnome.

He may be more machine than Gnome but he does have feelings.



Much love for borg gnomes.

There is nothing cool about wearing a diaper. x,D

I like how they are part machine

What do you mean “finally?” Goblins have been playable since Cata.


Nightborne aren’t exactly lookin better than trash either… :stuck_out_tongue:

WTF are “garbage gnomes”?

I’ve never seen a garbage gnome so can’t comment
Mechagnomes are cool though

I feel about the same about them as I do normal gnomes. I unlocked them because the greyed out race selection option would irk me.

Oddly I’d have ended up thinking more about them without them then I ever do now that I have them.