How do we still have this terrible AV?

Blizz how is it Horde cries for two weeks and you patch the game to make premade organizing impossible but Alliance has to deal with this absolutely miserable experience for four months?


Horde favouritism?


Inb4 immense wave of ignorant horde

“Alliance suck”
“Horde has better pvpers”
“Alliance give up too easy”
“You aren’t as organized”



I love the continual spouting of this falsehood. Really makes blizzard and the horde players take you seriously.

Alliance cried for 2 weeks about P2, causing it to be cut in half. Alliance also were the ones who were being harmed by the premades that were smashed by blizzard. But hey, keep saying it was because of horde. :roll_eyes:


Alliance just don’t have the same whine game that Horde has.

He says, as Horde continue to whine nonstop about premades in WSG/AB.


MisAdventure is just a troll


He fabricates, as horde complaints about premades are rarer then hen’s teeth.

If you say so, random 1 post alt


You are! Or your just so homer simpson you cant see the full picture. DOH!!!

  1. its not a falsehood its a fact.

  2. It wasnt just alliance crying in p2 it was anyone in a minority faction, and it was making the entire game unplayable instead of just 1 small pvp bg that can be ignored so the scope was a bit diff to the point that people were quiting the game.

  3. Alliance we being hurt by a DIFFERENT bug which was that the BG was starting prematurely which was separate fix implemented at the same time as the fix to allow the horde to stop crying.

  4. even when the horde were fighting premades they still were winning a decent percent of the game, now without any advantage for the alliance the map imbalance shows that the game is so slanted in the horde’s favor that the horde have to play like idiots to give the alliance even a slight chance hence the winrate sitting around 1%

  5. In WSG and AB where the maps are mostly even Alliance tend to have the higher winrate disproving the horde superiority theory, when things are fair pallies are a bigger advantage than horde racials.

but you keep trying to say it isnt horde favoritism… and sounding more and more like a flat earther denying obvious facts to claim his perspective is valid.


You still spout this as if it’s established fact and that your roving death ball ruining other peoples’ fun and not letting them play the game at all wasn’t seen by Blizzard as unacceptable. I also find it ironic that you mention Alliance premades and nothing about Horde premades.


One of my biggest disappointments in classic has been this version of AV. It’s garbage.


Alliance dont care about winning with instant queues, only care about rep and fast games. PvPers dont bother queueing.

Horde have long queues, want to win. PvPers still queue.

Why is this so hard to understand? Blame this version all you want, it has nothing to do with this AV or the map, it has everything to do with different situations.


Alliance care about winning in WSG and AB with fast queues but not AV? :roll_eyes:


Why do you think this situation developed in the first place? Do you think Blizzard just flipped a switch and now no PvP player is interested in queuing for AV Ally-side? AV isn’t efficient to grind for honour (since it’s imbalanced), and once you have your necessary rep there’s no reason to keep doing it.

Horde have an inherent advantage, so they still queue.

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Fast AV is not possible nor comparable with fast WSG/AB when facing defense in AV because the other team had to wait 1.5 hours.

You might be starting to get it.

faction differences = different queue times.

its not rocket science.

do you think alliance won the majority of AV in vanilla on accident? I thought ‘the other faction is just bad’ arguments werent allowed.

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Another DOH!!

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Until the big server xfer thing destroying many servers, it was basically the only topic on the forums for months- Horde crying to Blizz to fix premades.

After all, your whining did get them to ‘fix’ AV so hard it turned it into a 99% win rate BG which went from 100s of games going at a time to maybe a dozen at peak.

Which is why AB/WSG have instant queues as well, yet are evenly matched- ironically with Horde constantly complaining about getting wrekt. You have queues in those- so why are you losing in WSG/AB so much? Why aren’t those 100% win rates for you too?

Yeah, the different situation of having a completely imbalanced map that heavily favours Horde and gives you 2/3rds of the map uncontested.


Better PvP racials, sure. Paladins make up for that in group play (so long as they’re not all Ret), but that doesn’t mean an inherent advantage in a battleground isn’t going to make a difference. People don’t care to queue for AV past rep because they’re fighting an uphill battle. Better to queue for WSG/AB where it’s an even map, they still have fast queues, and don’t have to just feed Horde honour.

As for what was the reality 15 years ago, I can’t say. It could very well have been Paladins making that difference, or just y’know - everyone being bad.

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what part of ‘alliance pvpers arent queueing AV’ do you not understand?

I know its a lot of letters, but they form words, which form sentences.