How do people afford ZG and boost runs in general?

Help me. I’m poor.

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They have a 60 that feeds gold to their alts. Or they gasp buy gold. This thread is useless.


I think raising awareness that boosting and gold buying are inextricably linked has some value.


just go farm carapace fragments


You and everybody else on your server…

Have a 60 to feed alt gold

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I hit piles of green stone and occasionally they spit out 60g.


They buy gold.

Anyone with a brain knows that in terms of time spent/cost/exp the best boosts to level 60 are mara at 8g a run.

If you do anything else after level ~35 it’s a waste of money.

Fools are easily parted from their (purchased) wealth, hence ZG runs exist.


They probably buy gold, or in a hilarious weird ironic and idiotic twist…they might even boost other people to make gold so they can afford boosting themselves.

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I sell boosts to fund any Alts I need, I have never bought gold.

Good thing about Alliance is we have Stockades, and the level range for it is pretty big.

You do Stockades from 15-30, and I sell them for 15g/5 runs, so I make 60 gold in about 40 minutes, then hop on my hunter and farm firebloom.

I make around 1800g/week just Selling Stockade boosts. The great thing about Stockades is is also don’t need to Respec, I can stay as my pve spec.


Oddly enough you don’t see horde 1 pull rfc, when almost any lvl 60 class should be able to pull it off. RFK and SFK should also be easy for any lvl 60 to pull off.

Have to look at the mobs/ease of doing. if it is mainly ranged/caster or mobs that can interrupt…not worth it…if its melee or you have an easy to use LoS area…then its worth it

That’s good but unless everyone buying boosts has a main doing the same (doubtful) some people somewhere in the chain are buying gold to pay for their boosts (very likely)

Issue with RFC is it’s like dead mines where it’s just to big to do it fast.

You want to be able to do 5 runs an hour.

Stockades is just very efficient and it’s in the level range most people hate.

Some people just want to hit 30 so they can start questing in good zones.

Stocks is amazing because it’s efficient and reliable.

Sell SM runs for a day or two, you’ll have gold to lvl to 60.

200 gold an hour.

It’s called RMT or real-money trading. They basically buy gold that gets put up for sale for real money on web sites. That gold typically comes from the people who do the boosting and from farming bots. It is one of the reasons you see people rail so hard against the 30 instance-per-day limit imposed by Blizzard to try to curtail these operations. That limit is hitting a LOT of people in their pocketbooks.



You are misinformed here. You can 1 pull RFC in 7-8 minutes. I hit the lock out and have to wait ~15 minutes minutes before doing the next set. You can pull it all to the entrance as well so people can loot the useless crap that drops if they want to.

RFC is easily one pulled by mages. Other classes would have a hard time of it. I’m not sure what you mean by almost any class. A lot of classes would struggle to one pull even RFC because they don’t have the kit for it. I assume you mean pull the entire dungeon to the front and kill it all at once like a mage can. To be clear the enforcer elites there can chain stun you for a very long time if you do not FAP or aren’t a mage with nova/blink.

SFK can’t be one pulled because of the door. The big issue after the door that can restrict pulling all the rest at once is the magic immunity shell worgens and the wailing guardsmen that can hit you with a 5 second silence. Luckily there is no need to do this so fast because you will hit lock out either way.

With good gear and a little luck you can 1 pull most of SFK as mage but its not worth the effort. I’m not sure how other classes would pull it off without using consumables. I’ve seen a priest pull a ton in SFK using that class trinket that is useless for most things. SFK is generally done in 3-4 separate pulls

As for RFK, why would anyone waste their time there when they can go to SM? I’ve personally never tried RFK pulls on my mage but I imagine there is a number of reasons it’s ignored for boosting. Such as the dungeon being very annoying to gather in one pull, mobs with ranged physical damage, and getting mobs in range of exp (and preferably looting).

Just because you are 60 doesn’t mean you are godmode and can 1 pull low level dungeons. Mage has a good kit for it though.

I stand corrected then.

I’d still rather have Stockades then RFC tho.

What do people charge for RFC??

I get 15g for 5 runs in stocks and I can clear it in 7 minutes as raid spec. Which is the big reason I like it, and it has a pretty good level range, 15 levels is a lot.

Just sold 15 stockade runs so far lol.

I have a 60 mage i leveled back in December. Ive found atleast 10 epics, one of those being edgemasters. I sold them for 3.5 and now their 6k lmao.

I’ve boosted 3 characters. Shaman, rogue, warrior. But that was after doing it the old fashioned way for two characters.

They buy gold usually.