How do I get to the emissary in Silithus after lvl 60 if The Wound is not there?

I’m back into playing WoW after probably 15 years and I’m remembering why I quit. All of these expansions and timelines are really confusing and I can’t keep track of it all. So, I’ve levelled up to 64 and want to turn in for quests for the emissary in Silithus but whenever I go there, it’s the old timeline (I think) because the sword is not there (I know, I know, what sword? but for the purposes of the emissaries being located at the sword I have to reference it). How do I get back to the regular timeline now that Chromie won’t help me? I’ve done the Shadowlands questline past the Oibos Heaven and angels BS because someone told me I have to complete Shadowlands to get to the regular timeline, but this questline sucks, I want to move on and all I want is to be able to turn in for my emissary quests. Does anyone know if there’s a way to get back to the… whatever timeline the emissaries and sword exist in when you’re over lvl 60?