How do I get MVP status?

MVP’s have their own forum, I’m sure they discussed it in private and not with the herd.

Just because someone doesn’t share your point of view or enthusiasm for a cause does not make them a shill.

It could be that they come to the WoW forums to talk about WoW. There’s no shortage of other places on the internet to sound off about politics.


Are you saying that out of all the MVPs we have here on this forum. Not a single one of them voiced out their concern about HK?

that’s rather hard to believe.

Again, I need to see something to believe it

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Nice insult. And not necessarily true. Being polite and constructive doesn’t mean they agree with everything Blizz does. Perhaps you should check out some of Crepe’s posts or Byucknah’s. Even Metro doesn’t agree with everything.

:roll_eyes: This is such bs. Take your politics elsewhere, please. They don’t belong on the forums.


Don’t do it Cyous, I see you typing. Its a trap!


Probably not. Because politics don’t belong on the WoW forums. Most of that was deleted or combined into one thread that many reported or put on mute.

You being outraged at people on a gaming forum over world events is nonsensical.

I know you’re trolling, but the link is in the pinned posts in GD.


:joy: I saw you typing and was curious to see if you were going to respond. I was not disappointed!

Removal of Master Loot was a bad decision.
Titanforging is bad.
Corrupted gear is bad.
Classes/Specs are rather bland.
Azerite Gear was a bad choice to add flavor to gameplay.
Pathfinder (Part 2) is bad.
There is no faction bias, but Blizzard has made many changes that incentivize playing Horde (community issues).
Guild Permissions were a disaster.
BFA went live in a sub-par Beta state.

Opinions are opinions. Even the ultimate shill – Nathanos – has them.


Too late. :rofl::popcorn:


It’s too late…


What’s done, is done, or so they say.

Leaked gif of the OP after reading your post.


Side note — this was the case in the past. No longer a thing. There’s a Trust Level 3-exclusvie board (“Lounge”) where we post memes and complain about Sunday posts.


Politics are not against the terms and condition of the forums. If it was then it would’ve been prudent for blizzard to delete the mega thread on the HK situation.
The megathread’s existence that “politics (as decreed by blizzard) doesnt belong on WoW forums” is null and void

But let me illiterate again.

I have not seen not a single post from an MVP stating their disapproval of the HK situation

Therefore from my observation, none of them voiced against/anything about the HK situation.

Ofc. As I’ve stated before “It is a CLAIM of mine”! an “accusation” as you will.

I have asked for proof with an open mind and an intent to be proven otherwise but I have recieved none.

What am I supposed to feel about this again?

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I miss that forum… :pleading_face:

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Oh snap! Dats Cool! I’m in the club then:) AM I assistant MVP or assistant to the MVP’s?

I have my opinions about Hong Kong. But I don’t want to bring foreign affairs to the game. Too many folks think we’re employees and represent Blizzard (we don’t not officially represent anyone except ourselves). Out of courtesy, politics are generally a no-go.


You are Ughash, Bane of Ragnaros; first of his name, last of his kind, second only to RL’s girlfriend on loot priority. May he spin to win.


Fel green is a bit more yellowish. MVP green is a bit softer.

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Most MVP’s are pretty reasonable and low key. A small number are not.