How do i beat this honestly?

How do i beat UHDK / MW when the DK’s dmg break down out of 4.5mil dmg is:

Gushing wounds - 21%
Zombie Explosion 20%
Tenticles 17%
Cut of Death 12%
Virulent plague 11%

my 478 MW healer was free casting and used cocoon on me and all that dmg combined with Necrotics he couldnt heal it. I was in fear DR trying to keep this DK off me during his CD’s and nothign was working. Best i got him down to was 35% during his healer being CC’d and my CD’s inside a Casting Circle to stop interupts but he had micro stuns coming out the wazoo. He AMS’d and Zoned during my CD’s and ignored infernal, i even had 4 infernals proc and he still ignored them. The tenticles i couldnt even hit i was too busy doing literally anything else.

Someone pls for the love of god how am i meant to beat that? It felt unwinnable.

i feel like it puts ALl the pressure on me to get a kill out of my CD’s and if i dont i lose. meanwhile he gets to just mongo into me and i eventually die due to healer not being able to keep up regardless of his CD’s or not

EDIT: OMG im about to throw my PC out the window. Tanks a bunch of rating playign with an Rdruid and it was ALL Melee full gushing stacked with either Hpal or MW healers, NO OTHER HEALERS around or casters at all. 2.1k mmr.

Druid raged out hard hating his class atm. I dont blame him, you cant compete with Innefable stacked Hpals HOJing you every 20 seconds while their melee pump 3 mil gushing wounds dmg into me.

This game man. Ive had it. ill take my duelist title and call it til Shadowlands. Super aggrivating with how much Gushing wounds has soaked Arena.

/rant over

Breath of the Dying Zombies

we dont use breath of the dying.

Just line the gushings 4head


accept defeat he chose zombies

I mean, well yeah, that’s… that’s the problem…

dude destro DOESNT USE BREATH. holy hell

Vid please.

Did you ring of peace the casting circle so you can’t get stunned?

Lol reanimation is a meme pvp talent, it’s like losing to a lock running casting circle and dark pact

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well that meme did over 1.5 mil dmg on its own only second to gushings 1.7 mil.

I thought they nerfed breathe working on zombies and stuff? Or was it JUST tendies?

breathe definitely works on sham totems right now i can tell u that

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Oh my… well then.

Ima miss my bote eviserates,warlock%20trainer%20at%20level%208.

Could be worse, could be pure Blizzard.

Lol is he using reanimation? He shouldn’t be killing you because he’s wasting his runes on summoning them (correct me if i’m wrong about this). I had one dk do this, and it sure is annoying but he had no pressure. And this was as a spec that’s far less tanky than you are.

dude it was equal his top source of dmg. it was hitting for 60k a pop and going off a lot!

They have 1 hp

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summon void walker