How Close is the Beta to Vanilla?

I’ve been reading through a lot of topics but I couldn’t spot one about this. There has to be multiple, but there’s a sea of posts right now.

Anyway for the people that have been playing the beta, how close is it to the original? I read that health and mana regeneration rates are wrong. Also mob respawn rates are wrong too.

It will never be 100% accurate, but I’m curious how the “wowphiles” think it’s doing. (wowphiles instead of audiophiles in case you didn’t get the joke).

Thoughts? Seems like a more interesting topic right now instead of:

  1. I didn’t get into the beta.
  2. I hate streamers.
  3. Can’t we just have transmogs?
  4. What will we do when Naxx is boring?
  5. Layering sucks.


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The little I played feels pretty close.
As far as the deep technical numbers? Not really sure.
But the feeling of it all is pretty close to on point.

I’m debating on buying a CRT monitor to really bring me home


I’m not in the beta, but was in the stress test.

From what I experienced it was very much like Vanilla and I think they have done a great job so far. I did notice some things that seemed off, but it could be because they went with 1.12.

The one thing though I am almost certain of though is that the level 4 grellkin in Shadowglenn used to be aggressive. I leveled in the night elf starter zone many, many times back in Vanilla because I loved it. I specifically remember this one annoying level 4 grellkin that was kind of mixed in with the spiders on the way to the spider cave being aggressive, along with the other level four ones in their areas. Not the level three’s, just the level four’s. In the beta they are all passive. I reported it as a bug.

At first I did definitely seem to be regenerating mana much faster than I remembered. As I leveled up a bit, it seemed to be more of what I remembered.

The mobs didn’t seem to hit as hard either in the beginning and felt almost more like BfA style, which concerned me at first. Again though, as I gained in levels it seemed more as to what I remembered.

In the stress test you could of course only level to 5, but this Wednesday we can level to 10 so it will be interesting to see how it goes up to that point.

But all in all I was very pleased and impressed. They even have the old exclamation marks over the quest givers heads. I could tell they have really tried to make it authentic as they have promised.

Layering was much more noticeable than I would prefer. I won’t get into that here because that is one of the big things they were testing in the stress test and it was obvious some kinks need to be worked out. But I’m optimistic and hopeful it will be ok because they are trying to do this right.

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It’s not perfect but it’s very close.

Most of the things you see people say are wrong are the result of misremembering or private servers. Take a look at the “Not A Bug” list.

Everything on that list is the result of people reporting it as a bug, Blizzard checking it against their reference client, and the beta being correct.

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If you have to explain it, then it wasn’t a good joke.

remember its the vanilla experience they want to re create it wont be 100% but it will be close and it is close.

It is vanilla after they heavily nerfed all content and added an easily exploitable layering system. Content might not technically be nerfed, but people have better talents, itemization, and hardware so it is the same thing as a big nerf. Though to be fair, you can’t offset the biggest advantage which is experience without completely changing the content or overtuning it.

It is 87.382% Vanilla