How can I tell if someone logged into my wow account?

Today when I tried to run battlenet the game auto launched by himself launching 5 different wow clients and 2 web pages directing me to bnet support, before getting a message saying “Account has been logged into somewhere else”.

How can I tell if my account was actually logged somewhere else? The authenticator did not alert me about someone else logging into my account. Is my account compromised?

It sounds to me, and I could be completely wrong here, that it tried to launch multiple instances of the game. As the game logs you in with bnet, future instances would also attempt to log you in and give you a logged in message.

I believe I am correct in this, but somebody far more brilliant than me will come along and correct me if I am incorrect. It has been some time since I have accidentally opened multiple clients like that.


Have you checked your recent login activity?

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There is nothing suspicious, but there is something weird. It says last time I logged in was on monday, but I have been logging in almost every day since january. I remember very well I was online yesterday because I was suppose to be doing something else instead of doing assaults lol.

Well its not showing anything outa the ordinary what you can do is run a virus scan/malaware scan just for some peace of mind to make sure theres nothing malicious on your account.

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I believe the Security page will track new logins. So for example my home location I play often, but only have log lines for the last time I had to authenticate (where the Bnet App was already logged in and available). Looking at your account history the good news is I also don’t see any inappropriate or unusual login activity from new locations. Your security features are also still enabled, so you should be good to go!

With that said, it sounds like this may have been an app launch issue. If it does persist, I might recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the Blizzard App (note, don’t uninstall your games! The app will re-add them back when you reinstall it) to see if that resolves the issue. If it continues to give you trouble, our Tech Support team can help troubleshoot further!