How About Removing The Anima Cap?

This is welcome; looking forward to this!

One question: does this apply to the anima items that we get from quests and M+, or to anima already deposited into the covenant reservoir, or both?

In other words: should my main continue loading anima into the reservoir, or should I stockpile the anima items in anticipation of 9.1.5?

Nice I can empty out the bank. For at least 2 weeks before the stockpile overflows.

What good reason is there to have anima caps at all? Anima is just another in-game currency and should be treated as such, yes?

we need more souls quests, or like a 40 and 60 souls quests at 40 and 60 renown. 20 a week isnt enough.

I admit to not following anima costs for anything but covenant upgrades and the very occasional campaign mission. I’m assuming there are appearances/pets/mounts that cost anima, too. I’m not interested in those (but mean no disrespect to those who are), so I’m wondering, aside from distribution to alts, is there anything else I’m missing for which anima is the currency? (I’d check in-game now, but the maintenance has been extended.)

We’re working on a couple of changes to address this in 9.1.5:

  1. We’d like to make it so that all players will have the 20 Redeemed Souls version of the weekly quest “Return Lost Souls”, regardless of Renown level.
  2. We’re designing a repeatable quest to gather 20 additional Redeemed Souls. This would be for players looking to progress their Covenant Sanctum faster.

Lots of covenant QoL changes coming. Love it! :smiley:

Any possibility that you could extend these soul collection quests to include souls freed inside Torghast? Collecting 5 souls didn’t feel that bad, but having to run around the maw for 20 of them, one at a time, when there’s no other reason to be there feels unnecessarily tedious.


Thank you! What will you purposely break and “fix” with the next patch ?

Why do we even need them in the first place?
Delete souls and grateful offerings and the Sanctums would instantly feel 1000% better.


High key this is why I don’t do the quests. Running around looking for 20 souls is possibly the least fun quest in the game. It’s so anti-fun that it basically guarantees the play session itself will have a bad taste in my mouth. Even after it’s completed my engagement with the game is ruined for the session.

Seriously, I can’t stress how unfun it is enough. Even if I want to play WoW going into the session and am excited, by the time the quest is done I’ve already booted up Halo or something else. It’s a black hole of enjoyment for very very little reason.

It’s literally a 101 guide on how not to do a quest. This is it - this is the absolute worst way to design a quest. Long, loaded with mobs, have to deal with other players, hard to navigate terrain, it’s the full package of everything that saps the fun out of something.

I don’t know why I can’t let go about this asinine quest. Like…seriously please change it. It’s insufferable. There’s nothing redeeming about this piece of “content” and making it complete able in Torghast would actually be fun (I like Toghast) and thematic.

I get it was designed to be completed over the course of a week, but lets be real here. 4 forays into the Maw for 5 souls…no thank you. That’s 4 play sessions ruined instead of just one. I’m begging you please address this.


…why are you guys keeping Redeemed Souls in the game at that point?

Just remove them.

Unless you guys literally just want to torture people by making them click on souls in the maw for an hour to get all the souls they need.


It would be great if you could collect them from Torghast instead of The Maw. I’m allready gathering souls there anyways.


Would be cool to see them add more reasons to play in the maw, too.

What about the cosmetics using grateful offering and anima? Can they lower the resources for those items?

What a weird number to pick. Why not something normal, like 65535 or 999,999?

Wow, the crappiest way to do it.

Can you honestly tell me running around old content of the maw clicking on souls is engaging or fun in any way shape or form?

Why do we need to farm 2 currencies for everything?

I dont mean this rhetorically. I truly do not understand a reason besides stringing us along.


Honestly, this gets me as well. Imagine being rescued from literal Hell only to be used as a currency to help some random bloke buy some fancy shoes or something. Its so weird and jarring narratively that it makes absolutely no sense.

Make it give one of those grateful offerings or something. That makes sense - a group of souls banding together to reward their savior with an offering…not using them as Soul Bucks.

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Allowing us to collect the souls in Torghast would alleviate this issue completely.

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Oooor, we just get rid of them, and the other ‘special’ currencies like offerings. Or at least not require another tedious quest that could easily be removed or added to something else we already have to do daily/weekly.

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