HOUSE OF COUNT -Ninja DC bandit

I doubt anyone will care, but your server has a habitual ninja logger in keys. For speciifics, we were doing a Rise 22 and on the first boss the slippery devil of a toon Kalgpriest ninja dc’d after he was the worst dps on every trash pack, the worst dps even under the tank when he died, and just bad at mechanics for dying to that boss in the first place. We did a bit of research on him and this guy does this chronically. On the horde side, he is a member of the guild scumbag squad on his spriest. At a minimum, he has a mage on the alliance side in a guild House of Count. The toon name is kalgerian. I would avoid this guy and these guilds at any cost. This is the type behavior and the type guilds we should remove from the game. I cant say for certain, but judging from the interactions we had with him, he seemed poor, which seems to be a common trait amongst ninja loggers