Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Survival Hunter need a total rework.

*Pet survivability
*Talents - PvE and PvP
*Covenant abilities


I think they hotfixed the hotfix post. It said jan 19th updated earlier, now it says updated jan 20th but there is no jan 20th updates.


Ninja hotfix :joy:

Blizzard trolling as always

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only hotfix that was applied was the title it seems.


Why do I have the feeling they are saving the Demon Hunter rework for Blizzcon?

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can we have necrolords constructs enter stealth with us? they are useless to rogues because they aggro mobs when we are stealthed

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they need to fix the hearty dragon plume toy since a lot of people got the item on alts but when back to get it on their mains and its not spawned even though it says it is on their addons.

Are you going to fix Havocs survivability? My Warlock can survive a hell of a lot longer than my Havoc, also DPS is nowhere near close to being fixed. Do you have any intentions of at least giving a yes or no answer if your going to fix? Many of us are really frustrated 2 months and still not being invited to groups, rated PVP, because our class is so gimped by Blizzards overnerfing, yet we just bought this expansion and keep paying our subs hoping for some kind of communication so we can either move on or wait for a fix. Lack of communication is what makes the community’s anger grow on all these issues, we are paying customers and yet we are swept aside and dismissed like we dont matter…


Not sure why i even read the notes - not a single blue post in any legion raid scaling issue thread, so no reason to think they will ever fix it.


I feel the same way about the broken rogue powers in Torghast.

…but at least if they fixed legion raid scaling I’d have something to do with my time this expansion…

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Is it too much to ask for a balance hotfix? For example, buff havoc DH?


You can’t they are like ants. Once they get a crumb the rest follow and then you got a problem. Dh should never have been made

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From a PvP perspective:

:-1: Convoke damage output is going to be even higher without cyclone soak

:-1: No changes to Fire Mage despite being overrepresented at AWC

:-1: No changes to Holy Paladin despite being overrepresented at AWC

:-1: No nerf to Ret Pally using RoEK (low hp auto proc: -50% dmg, 45s cd!)

:-1: Bug fixes are good, but buffing Arms dmg seems foolish

:-1: No buffs for Rdruid, Dpriest, Rsham to bring in line with Hpal

:-1: No buffs for Havoc DH (1.1% rep >2400, no AWC presence, worst PvE ST dmg)

I’m sure I missed some issues but these things need addressing or at least communication/acknowledgement of plans to fix IMO. Can we get a blue response please?


Going to have to disagree here. Arms is fighting with Fury to be the “best of the worst”. They don’t need nerfed in anything. Let them have something they can be somewhat decent at.

I think you should watch the Arena World Championship and tell me after that if you think Arms War needs help in damage.

You’re complaining about a 20% buff on something that has a 10% chance of procing when a specific ability is being used, and you want that to go away? You’re complaining about a buff that isn’t PvP-specific either - undo that buff and you hurt arms in PvE even more.

Let warriors have some sort of utility somewhere that isn’t just a token presence for battle shout.

Veng DH PVP Talent Illidan’s Grasp is still broken despite bug reports dating back to mid October. As has been reported numerous times, you get the initial grasp, but are unable to reactivate to throw the player to a targeted location.

He literally started the post: from a pvp perspective.

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I mean…It’s something, I guess.

Likely means actual spell changes are out of the question.

Oh well. I’ve complained enough; don’t have the energy to nit-pick further. I’m already Venthyr, so heeeeeyyyyyy…