Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

When is the resto shaman nerf coming in?


Still no Legion raid scaling fix? And how long have you been aware of this issue??


For the love of God, please do something with SV hunters.


Please don’t let another week go by without meaningful tuning changes in pvp. Rduids are nearly unplayable in 3s.

Blizz slack some more on the tuning and watch most of your pvp subscribers press vanish


Bliz needs to keep their word on fixing Demon Hunters and not leave Havoc hanging and unplayable in PVP. You nerfed our survivability into the ground this expansion, my level 50 Warlock can hit harder and take hits better than my Havoc. We are now the Glass Cannon without the Cannon to justify our fragility. Its sad that we cant survive long enough to do anything for our team in PVP other than die and be a distraction. I give up, will not PVP until this is fixed and this class is playable again. Been subbing and PVPing since day 1 of WOW, sucks I may have to quit because someone else screwed this game and my character and unplayable of no fault of my own, Last chance Blizz or Im out, sure many have already bailed

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Is Torghast ever going to be properly playable for rogues, or are our common and uncommon anima powers just going to continue to disappear midrun this entire expansion?

It’s annoying at low layers, run ending at higher layers, and until it’s fixed, rogues in Torghast definitely aren’t getting a decently functioning experience.

Good god blizzard please buff the underperforming healer classes. rdruids and mw monks totally got the shaft to the point where they are unplayable (in 3s).


Imagine playing a game so broken they have to patch it everyday and still don’t fix the issues people want fixed. (Still subbed for 3 months so I check back but I’ve been playing Everquest.) that’s how bad the state of the game is.


As someone who just retired from retail EQ raiding after 5+ years in a top 3 serverwide guild, I just cannot fathom playing EQ after playing WOW for the past few months… I still peruse the forums and right now the hardest raid in COV is latency/server lag… imagine running CN except none of the bosses do any of their mechanics because the server is so lagged down. As much as people complain about WOW on these forums… most people don’t know how good they have it.

I will give you this though… the one thing that kept me playing for so long was the community… its something I have yet to really “feel” in WOW.

In EQ, the server you’re on (unless its a tlp its usually under ~500 actual players per server, not including “boxes”) feels like an actual community… you see the same people consistently day after day, year after year… and that is one thing they are still able to hold over WOW. I enjoy being able to queue for raids/groups/pvp rapidly… but I can’t tell you one single person out of the hundreds that I have grouped with that I have spoken to once since grouping. EQ is about developing relationships… good or bad, and thats something that I think WOW has completely ignored.

And still total silence for legion raid scaling or venthyr command table.

Shocking how Night Fae gets a great command table and they actually let it get better rewards for final chapter then hot fix it.

" Night Fae

Completing the Ardenweald covenant campaign will now result in a choice between a Castle Nathria Raid Finder main-hand or off-hand weapon instead of both, moving it in line with the other covenant campaigns."

how is clarity of mind gonna fix broken pvp?

where the dislike button at?


Think imma just stop looking at the Hotfixes, nothing but useless changes most people could care less about.


Just when I was getting used to hearing “who we gonna kill” every single time it phased…

Thanks for this, it actually drove me crazy.

We clean tov every week with out exploits. Some guilds use it some don’t just depends. I play on tlps because just like classic wow these games loose steam and the best content is the old content when creators had passion. I don’t. Touch the live servers unless Im just playing around. Wow (live) looks good but it’s missing something just like who ever quest after pop was missing something.

No effort to bring paladins into line, in the context of PvP. Check.

No effort to fix the fire mage exploit that allows one shotting people with instant pyroblast for 40k damage. Check.

No ban wave for the legions of moonkin bots that are flooding the game. Check.

No content patch for the clearly unfinished mission table. Check

It checks out, another whole lot of nothing. But hey, at least you fixed that glaring bug, where people in nightfae were getting hilariously obsolete LFR weapons AND off hands.


I’m thrilled that mages can now loot everything in Torghast, now are rogues ever be able to complete a run with all their anima powers intact or is that asking far too much?

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Please look over the endless thirst conduit for druids. Just unlocked the second potency conduit but don’t have one to put in it since the only neutral one is bugged and does nothing.

Can we please have a buff on destruction spec? A lot of warlocks doesn’t play affliction, we don’t want to respec and there’s some little buffs that can be implemented without harm the balance, we don’t even wan’t to be top tier, just remove the DPS gap that make us unplayable in CN Mythic, m+ above 13.
Here some suggestions:

  • Give us 10% buff on CB. Totally reasonable, won’t will break in pvp/raid/m+. If it gets close to break the class when we reach bigger status trough the higher ilvl equipments just nerf it back. At the moment the skill even worth to cast. It’s our main damage but we don’t cast it enough to a 10% buff hurt anything on the balance dynamics.
  • Buff 10% CDF, it’s our main M+ damage, the skill works pretty good in small and big packs, but not enough, it need to have a higher base damage so critical damages can make a difference. At the current states we spent a whole dynamic to use it, thinking in the right moment to cast, so we don’t have to move or anything, and the reward is some awfully small damage. And maybe it turns useful in pvp.
  • Buff 12% ROF, again, we need this for be viable on m+. For real? If we get 10% on this and CDF we will still get behind in AOE damage, so what’s the problem? And again, if it brake totally the spec, just roll it back. And it would give us some elements on pvp to force the enemy to move out of the area. Let’s get real on this damage, the skill consume 3 chards, why it hits so low?
  • Havoc should get +3 seconds duration without the legendary. This again will bring us a good improve damage. More dps in 2+ target cleaves, more chard regeneration in pve and pvp. And havoc shouldn’t have GCD at all.
  • Our stun need to get a lower cast time, a small buff like -0.35s on cast would be really appreciated in pve and pvp.
  • Better infernalist procs, recently I got like 27% haste status and tough the procs wold be better, but they don’t. So I use like 3/4 ROF to one prc. And the infernalist uptime need some buff too. Give us like 4% more procs and +2 seconds uptime.
  • Give us some reduced damage after using teleport. Something like 5 seconds with 30% less damage.
  • The warlock portal need to be instant or have faster cast. We can’t use it in arenas, and on mythic+ we lost damage in some paca bcs we need to move before the group to set portals, and we don’t have enough damage to lost precious cast time in the pacs.
  • Tune our covenant habs, that drain life in NF doesn’t work, it even worth to use in any situation.