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GrubHub disabled comments for that X_x

you’re 1700 rated and talking about class balancing lol, i almost never browse these forums but when i do i come across comments like this

How is it bad? I mean, the whole shabam about it is being random. If would be “weird” to say the least, if a random spell just aimed at targets that are not paralyzed. The ability is already overtuned to hell, at least give it a collateral downside similar to Fire mage spread dmg, fire is busted but the spread can’t be controlled (kinda, with birds, but not if the target is adjacent to the others)

For PVP frost is good, as you have great single target and the remorseless winter talent is nuts

but for everything else, they are a disgrace to the DK class

when the urgent maintenance done?

almost an hour after projected server availability time and they still down???

Is this an out of season april fools joke???


Daily 2% kek post.

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Hunter’s pet are eating souls based meals…

They mean that anyone caught in root beam will have a 0% chance of survival.

What? Frost’s damage is in cleave. Its ST is its weakest point.

It’s a support/CC machine outside of PoF & Chill Streak go’s.

The remorseless winter talent? Dead of winter? It’s never used. You’re sacrificing much better PvP talents. You even PvPing this season? sounds like you’re not.

I’m sorry but… what cleave exactly? 2 targets maybe but for 10 seconds every half a minute in DnD.

No I don’t PVP, PVP sucks now. But I’ve seen Frost DK PVP around in Seat of the Primus, asked them how they make work that krappy spec and that’s what I was told.

I did play Frost but PVE, and it stinks hard. Pathetic low AoE damage, very long CD, mid tier single target, nothing special… in PvE.

Yes Chill Streak is crazy strong, I forgot bout that one, but I do remember it doing a krap ton of dmg in tooltip with warmode on.

Is the remorseless talent bad? How is it so? Another AoE stun, I say another but really you have none (aside from the Wyrm legendary of course)

Our win condition is setup with grip, blind, stun, chill streak, burst+abom limb. It’s a cleave not only because of remorseless, abom limb, chill streak, rime proc HB’s, but because it’s also paired with a ww Monk or Arms warrior. The two significant players for our comps right now.

Yes. We’re currently in a 1-shot meta. You have Chill Streak and Heart Stop which are mandatory. That leaves room for 1 more & there are much better talents. You have Nercrotic Aura which is a 8% increase to magic damage (basically, our entire toolkit), Delirium against mages, monks, DHs, Dome of Ancient Shadow & Dark Simulacrum. All which are better than Dead of Winter.

CC has DR, your whole go is setup with Absolute Zero leggo, which is a stun.

Makes sense. Remember Obli is physical baring Killing Machine

Oblit is physical and hits like a piece of grass outside of KM.

KM’s make your Oblits 100% Frost damage.

I don’t think there is a community-wide understanding of just how good 2% to ALL damage is. Also, Frost Death Knights (from my understanding) are quite good at the moment and deal (according to the newest raid data from Noxxic) comparable damage to most other classes. For perspective, this bonus - using noxxoc data - puts 2-h frost into competitive ST dps brackets alongside affliction and fire mages. Additionally on 3-target cleave Frost sims 3rd with 11k dps.

Are players upset about not being as good as other classes in pvp? If so, why? Death Knights have extremely powerful versatility and cooldowns and there are already clearly established team comps and niches that involve death knights.

I don’t fully understand why there is this idea of “MUH 2%” when 2% for some of the classes (given that most of the classes are well balanced in PVE) would push them into top tier.

They’re bottom of the middle pack in raids as DW BoS, that is. This buff was to 2H, which is further below that.

They’re a support/setup class in PvP. Their use is in a cleave go with a current over-tuned class. ST is weak, defensives are even weaker.

lol at the notion that 2% is going to bring 2H Frost from being garbage tier to “top tier”


Where do you get your sim data from? I am curious! Does it give you the option to switch between the two? I didn’t know 2h/DW had such a damage gap - foolishly, I assumed you could just switch between the two and get comparable damage.

lol at the notion that 2% is going to bring 2H Frost from being garbage tier to “top tier”

I didn’t quite say that. I said SOME classes would be pushed into top tier with 2% damage - but I understand why you read it like that.

Also aren’t you 2400 rated? You’re pretty good.

Mythic data from Warcraft Logs. 95% percentile had frost on the bottom half, with all percentiles had it floating in the middle.

Unfortunately so

Ha! Thanks but not as of right now. I am feeling confident with my skill set and a 2400 push will happen late S1 if not S2.