Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Please fix the Statistics API… I have more than 2 kills!

You guys still aren’t going to address PvP overall? Its been two months now, and we’re still dealing with specs with out of control burst, hybrid healing thats way too high, and a ton of specs just stalling for CDs so they can instantly kill people.

Its shameful at this point; You can’t even be bothered to talk about the issue.


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Please do something about Covenant abilities being used in low level BGs. Max level players are party syncing with their buddies and using their broken Covenant abilities to squash everyone. I’m just tryina level through BGs man.


Percentage buffs to damage don’t fix the issue at all, it’s just urinating on a wound.

Specs such as Frost DK’s need a retooling. Add some new spells. Make some talents baseline. Create some utility.


Hello. What do you mean by this? Any CC that breaks on damage will be hit by Convoke? Or just root-like CC?

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If this happened in a sub level 51 BG, then it’s a bug, since all SL content is disabled for any activity below level 51. If you’re level 51 and don’t have your covenant ability yet or soulbinds etc, then I suggest you go do them so you don’t get stomped anymore.
One exception: Druids are stupidly stupidly broken in PvP atm regardless of level 51, 90 ilvl; or if they’re level 60 with 230 ilvl.
The expansion was pushed to meet a deadline release and now they’re just entirely clueless on how to design game. It’s almost as if 90% of the playerbase expected a complete failure but we’re going through the pain - again - together.

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I’ve been leveling from level 1 doing only BGs. In every bracket people are using covenant abilities.

Yes, that means Poly, Fear, Incap, Blind, etc…

So now melee needs to trinket to interrupt Convoke, but they get rooted and killed with no counter?

I’m not the best PvP player, but this feels like a buff to the most broken ability in PvP.

Am I misunderstanding something here?


Oh it absolutely is a buff. But don’t worry… Frost DKs got 2%!!! One of the most under preforming classes in pvp got 2% everyone!!! Prayers answered!!! and Convoke gets stronger!.. BLIZZARD WHAT THE F***… how… how…how?..HOW IS THIS OKAY?!?

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If anyone plays night fae druid at this point in arena you’re just a d*** and I hope you plummet to unranked



I really think y’all misunderstand how convoke works.
Outside of the random bull##$!? team one shot that it does. It’s utility is to kill one target during setups , exemple rootbeam healer , hex dps 1 , convoke on DPS 2.

Or the classic two’s set up to convoke during your rogue blind / sap to secure it on one target.

It s not by much but it does make convoke slightly worse in pvp now , cause ya never wanna break those CCs.

Maybe in a double booking game this might help them if they can reliably secure two clones and convoke your face.

As far as melee goes , root is incredibly sensitive to damage , it’s not like you gonna sit 4sec of it while being lazer down. It actually gonna break so you can break the convoke.
As In now , NF druid can root the both of you meleemongoes and convoke your healer sit there watching.

I think the real problem with convokes aren’t really getting adressed : crit damage / Mastery from Nyia.

That being said I’m really happy to be able to swap back to Kyrian today. Cause convoke is really troll.

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Well this is a start for fury. I.D.K. why anything a warrior has right now would need a nerf though. Even at the top of their game the AoE dmg is nothing to write home about compared to top classes. Perhaps about 3 more weeks of 8% Damage increases and fury might be a competitive spec. I feel so bad for warriors overall right now the 8% ability dmg should have just went to the Class with a bonus 12% ability dmg for fury.
Hopefully Blizzard will do class balances every week until they are all near evenly matched, I believe they promised something like that along time ago and just never followed through with it.

Before this change you had better control of where the damage went. Take three targets, cyclone one, root the other, and have convoke 100% dump into a single target.

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That’s incorrect, before this change convoke was targeting cycloned targets.

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Now that is interesting. That’s why I ask instead of accuse.

So Convoke’s total damage is split across all of the targets? If somebody was rooted in a 3 arena, then the other two targets get 50% of Convoke each?

I swear I was in a Skirmish a couple days ago, and Convoke nearly one-shot all three of us. Are there times when that might happen, or am I imagining things?

That said, this change would only really help with 3’s, right? In 2’s you need to save your trinket for clone, correct?

stop posting these trash changes. wow designers are now proved to be a group of idiots.


I will say it again… for the love of god blizzard… #makefrostgreatagain… we are in the shadowlands. the origins of the lich king. how are dks this bad in pvp? how is frost overall this bad? Made shadow priests insane for "shadow"lands… and druids insane for some reason? and paladins (the opposite of shadow) insane. what about the other shadow classes? dk needs more love


The change to convoke is understandable for PVP but down right dumb for PvE scenarios.

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