Hotfixes -- Updated March 12

Holy crap this is an extensive list. Nice work

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cry some more…

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Holy guacamole Blizz, you nuclear bombed leatherworking’s raw gold farm! It went from eeking out a couple gold per bow or crossbow when the market floods, to just the cost of the thread being worth more than the entire bow itself. I know you hate raw gold farms, but can you warn a player when you make something almost 900% more expensive?

If the raw material cost rises, just raise the price of the finished product. Economy 101. If the players still sell at previous price range… kinda on them no?

Raw gold farms generally refer to vendoring items. The “raw” refers to the price not being affected by the open market. And unfortunately you can’t haggle with the fruit seller in Ogrimmar.

Happy Friday! Here are the hotfixes from today.

DECEMBER 4, 2020

Allied Races

  • Bloodthirsty Vulpera no longer get lost on the return home to their camps after leaving the Arena.


  • Paladin
    • General
      • Punish the Guilty (Potency Conduit) damage has been reduced by 70%.

Creatures and NPCs

  • Valfir the Unrelenting has bolstered his defense, making oncoming attacks much less effective. Players that wish to take down the beast will first need to send anima to this location to unlock the key to Valfir’s demise.
  • Valfir the Unrelenting will no longer wander quite so far from his spawn.

Dungeons and Raids

  • Sanguine Depths
    • General Kaal
      • After rescuing Essence of Z’rali and before the final fight, General Kaal now removes her Evasive Mantle upon entering combat to alleviate an issue if she is pulled to her next position in the gauntlet early.

Items and Rewards

  • [ With regional restarts ] Battle for Azeroth Emissary quests and Paragon caches will have their gold rewards reduced to 10% of their current value when Shadowlands Season 1 begins in each region.
  • The Engineering device Disposable Spectrophasic Reanimator is now disposed upon use.
  • Fixed an issue where Forgemaster’s Crate and the Tailoring items, Lace Draperies and Excuisitely Woven Rug, could not be opened.
  • Scorched Crypt Keys will no longer drop if you already have one in your inventory.


  • Fixed an issue where some professions were able to learn the recipe Novice Crafter’s Mark before Crafter’s Mark 1.


  • Covenant Campaign
    • “Prove Your Worth” can now be obtained after clearing quests from a full quest log.
  • Covenant Campaign
    • Players will now be able to complete the Ember Court unlock questline even while the World Quest “Tea Tales” is active. Affected players should seek out Tubbins in the Ember Ward to accept the quest “Formal Refreshments” to continue.
  • Oribos, the Eternal City
    • Highlord Bolvar Fordragon and Taelia Fordragon have leveled up on their listening skills and no longer talk over one another after the “A Glimpse into Darkness” quest cinematic has ended.
  • Bastion
    • Players who pass through Oribos, the Eternal City, and have an extra Broken Kyrian Flute in their bags that they cannot get rid of, should be taken care of thanks to an undisclosed Broker contact in the area.
  • Ardenweald
    • The location of Marasmius is now shown on the map for completing the daily quest “Glittering Gritty Goodness.”

The Maw: Eye of the Jailer

  • Daily and weekly quests within the Maw can no longer be held beyond the day or week in which they were picked up by the player.

Torghast, Tower of the Damned

  • Flame Vents and Soul Emanation traps now trigger less frequently and have slightly larger areas of effect.
  • Rogue
    • Anima Powers
      • First Steps now correctly increases the damage of Subtlety’s Secret Technique (Talent).
  • Warrior
    • Anima Powers
      • New Anima Power: Notched Axe Head (Rare) – Gain the Victorious effect every 20 seconds, allowing the use of Victory Rush (or Impending Victory, when talented).
      • New Anima Power: Tarnished Medallion (Uncommon) – Berserker Rage restores 5% health instantly, and every 3 seconds.

World Quests

  • Nasho is now less distracted when rushing into the Forgotten Forge to stop Specialist Entra during the world quest “Forged in Secret.”
  • The teapot for “Tea Tales: Gubbins and Tubbins” is now easier to see.
  • Fixed an issue during the Bastion World Quest “Centurions, Assemble!” where the Steward Mechanic ability would fail to heal the player’s chosen centurion.
  • Players should no longer be able to get into a state where they are unable to pick up dredgers in the “Dirty Job: Wood Work” and “Dirty Job: Demolition Detail” world quests.

WoW Classic

  • Pets will now automatically attack hostile enemies and players when set to Aggressive stance.
  • Addressed an issue where Damaged Necrotic Shards do not take damage from defeating Shadows of Doom.
  • Entering Naxxramas now places you on the lower platform, while the teleport to Sapphiron’s Lair is triggered on the upper platform, allowing you to zone in and explore the 4 wings.
    • Developers’ note: The behavior of immediately teleporting players to Sapphiron’s Lair upon re-entry to the raid following the defeat of the 4 wing-bosses, IS authentic, but we felt the inability to return and collect Frozen Runes that had been missed was punishing enough to warrant a change here. In keeping with the theme, however, there is still no escape from Frostwyrm Lair short of using your Hearthstone or teleporting. Naxxramas is, among other things, a prison, from which the damned find escape difficult.
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Still no Dres fix or damage changes. Do developers even play this game?

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Damn… I guess that answers that then. Grisly icicles is no longer good for dungeons . Knew it was too good to be true. Was confused when everyone was able to break my novas on Wednesday finally got confirmation today.

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It’s now December 4th, more than a week after they supposedly put out a hotfix for this, AND LEGION CONTENT SCALING IS STILL BROKEN! Why do they bother to say they fixed something when clearly they did no such thing! now they’re just ignoring it because they said they fixed it. I’m sure we’d all like to go back and get legion transmogs but we cant unless we do it in a group which was not the case with WoD content at level 50 (20 levels above the WoD expansion). Now we’re level 60 and Legion content is more difficult than basic Shadowlands content. Hell, Torghast is easier than normal Antorus or ToS. This is insane.


Another batch of hotfixes but yet From the Ashes remains bugged. It’s only 1.5% per charge.

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So much for Ians promise to not overnerf.

70% nerf on the conduit = it’s trash now.


Came to post this. According to parses it wasn’t more than twice better compared to other conduits. A 70% nerf kills this conduit which is a huge pain for those of us who spent hours upon hours farming it from heroics.

Per Bloodmallet parse data, this conduit has gone from the top, to becoming one of the worst.


And we didn’t believe him. This won’t stop here either.

I’m getting tired of daily “hot fixes”.

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…70%!!! this hurts me, and i dont even play paladin. Are these devs crazy? Why not just press the “delete” button?


So much this.


Well there goes my Prot Paladin. Glad i spent the last two weeks farming H and M runs and neglecting any of my alts


Gee, so glad I made the meaningful choice to craft the Bulwark legendary and you guys gutted it a day later.

Maybe you guys can at least stop lying about not overnerfing things if you can’t be bothered to get your tuning right before launch.


If you’re going to nerf this, then Venthyr’s Hallowed Discernment needs to be brought in line with the others as well.

People who chose other covenants because they simmed equally are now sub optimal because all these systems interact.

Prior to this nerf Naya (NF) and Pelagos (Bastion) simmed pretty closely to the Mad Duke. Now all Venthyr soulbinds sim higher than any other soulbind by nearly a 9-10% margin.


70% nerf?

Into the ground, amirite?


That kind of a yikes nerf, if they were gonna nerf it then why not just 20% at most. Now it’s just gutted and gone and that’s not fair to any pally players

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