Nerf gold into the Ground in BFA

nah will just cancel my sub till SL has massive changes maybe might try in 12 months plus idk.


BfA doesn’t need any more deterrents. I came back to this game after missing WoD through BfA, BfA I did ONCE, for the Kul Tirans. Pretended it never existed after that. As far as I’m concerned that Boralus portal should just disappear.


GL with SL you won’t last long there either I bet.


The character you replied to was level 60. You will never guess how I achieved that…
Oh, I have 3 level 60s too. Shadowlands story had flaws, but BfA it was not.


Don’t threaten, just do it and go find something you have fun with instead of having a forum outburst. It was known already that they adjusted the gold reward drops from BFA.


They put it out in the hotfixes that they were reducing the gold values of BFA Emissary and Paragon Caches to 10% of their current values.


They’ve literally done this with every expansion since Warlords.

Legion launches? Big sources of WoD gold get nerfed.
BFA launches? Big sources of Legion gold get nerfed.

Now it’s BFAs turn.

Gold is incredibly easy to make in Shadowlands anyway. You can make roughly 6k gold every 3 days from callings alone.


then why change BfA when the mobs are more difficult to kill than when the expansion was current?

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Likely an oversight and will be changed in time.
But they are focusing efforts on the current expansion. Cuz they just released a raid and all.

They do this so people don’t feel obligated to go back and farm old daily gold sources is dead content.

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And the callings are super easy to complete aswell! You can do many through a single Dungeon run.

Because they don’t want players feeling like they MUST go back and do old content to generate gold. Which, and you know this is true I’m sure, players would absolutely do if all those options were available. If BFA gold sources were still intact, along with Legion and WoD sources, players at level 60 would feel obligated to maintain their WoD garrison, their legion class halls + emmisaries along with the BFA emissaries.

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I am getting really really tired of blizzard ruining the game for others because of these people with no self control who MUST or are being FORCED to do something.

Those people should be totally ignored because that is a personal problem, this must or forced business.


No it’s not. Giving good rewards behind something people wouldn’t have fun doing is bad design, because people are going to do the things that give them good rewards. Real simple.

And giving no rewards for content just makes people quit.

I did not buy Shadowlands because they have literally made everything I do worthless to do because of the children who have no self control.

I have ZERO fun doing dungeons. They are extremely heavily rewarded I still avoid them like the plague.

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This is only something they ALWAYS do once an expansion is over. They want people in the new areas and, yes, they want people to feel like they’re not behind if they aren’t going to old areas. You have to keep in mind, there are players out there now who don’t even have a garrison, for example. (A couple of my much newer characters don’t!) They don’t want people feeling left behind.

I’m not sure why this shocked you. What shocked ME was they waited this long to nerf the gold income from it. I was expecting the gold to be gone with the PRE-PATCH. When it wasn’t, I was surprised and thought for certain it would be gone with the expansion launch. When it still wasn’t, I was frankly shocked. :eyes:

It was nice, however. Before they took it out, from expansion launch to it’s removal, I made a last about 50-55k gold off it with my extended stable of alts.

Well then I guess you should buy Shadowlands.

It’s actually a good expansion, and they gave warning about this change ahead of time, so it’s not like this was a sudden ambush.

What? Did you even read what I said. The made everything I like to do worthless to do in Shadowlands. I played alpha/beta for 6 months.

And, get this, you can double that by leveling a second character to 60 and doing callings on them too.


I already have three characters to 60. The extra gold is a real nice bonus! Planning on getting a fourth to 60 eventually so I can experience all four covenant storylines.

That has happened every xpac…

Bfa caused people to stop playing Bfa