Bulwark of Righteous Fury

Am I missing something? People are upset over the conduit nerf saying this is a uselss leggo now bc of it… yeah it sucks but isnt this still a baller legendary?

that being said I am a prot main, ret on the side and prefer mostly PvP… i have Holy Avengers Engraved Sigil already, and plan to make the bulwark next. What are you guys favorites/best iyo

I crafted bulwark this week, and honestly I kinda regret it, I plan on crafting a different legendary, just haven’t decided which one yet. Bulwark is cool, it just feels very underwhelming, there are times where I think I notice it, and there are times where I feel like it’s doing nothing, the times where it feels useless is definitely more common. Maybe down the line with other legendries it will feel better but for now its going to be sitting in my bags after I craft a different one.

The damage is nuts, but I think in the long run I’ll prefer the overall HP gain from the Avenger’s Shield reset.

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I’m either crafting the Avenger’s shield Reset or the Judgment reduces HP by 1 LEggo.

The Judgment reducing HP by 1 LEggo is underrated/undervalued and I think Rextroy shining light on it the way he did by soloing M Theatre will show people how powerful this leggo truly is. I’ve been on this leggos bandwagon for a long time, loved it in Beta. Has a role in M+ and Raids. I find using it with double judgment is stronger than avenger’s shield damage mitigation bubble.

Sadly, can’t craft it just yet, because of said video I foresee a nerf hammer coming to this leggo. Waiting til Mythic week. Ugh.

I’m looking on wowhead but i cant find any patch notes. Where are people seeing these?

This is what was nerfed.


my bells hurt after reading that


It was a needed nerf, but also took to an extreme. 20-35% would’ve sufficed. Now all our conduits suck.

Taken from %50 to %15, meanwhile Ashen Hallows Hallowed Discernment Conduit still hits for a gaurenteed additional %40 of it’s effect and our Ringing Clarity is only a %40 chance to do additional damage.
These things are not alike.

Because of this nerf, Kyrian Soulbinds are pretty much tied for bottom with Necro, but even Bonesmith Heimeir NEcro soulbind sims better than any Kyrian while Venthyr has is 10% stronger than the nearest competitor.

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How does this affect bulwark though? You still get the nutty AOE dmg from the SoTR.

It doesn’t affect bulwark Directly. But people chose Bulward because of the Multiplicative synergy there would be between the conduit and the legendary.

The conduit was for Single target only. So ST would be nutty, while also having pretty strong AoE.

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I still like it just because of how hard it hits in the AOE department. It helps a lot locking down that initial amount of threat before the DPS goes ham on a target that I may not be targeting at that second.

Sorry, but I don’t see the problem. I’m still doing insane AOE damage on trash packs and as a tank I NEVER expect to do massive single target. Prot pally is fun right now as is

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exactly. I giggle like a school girl out DPSing the DPSers on trash.

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It really is quite fun to use. I appreciate the extended range as well when mobs start spreading out a bit at the start of a pull. I’m still going to craft other legendaries to have a variety of options, but I’m really enjoying my Bulwark at the moment.

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Thanks for the replies all, I finally got mine after 70 runs, looking forward to it