Horrific Visions Updates Coming with Weekly Maintenance

Tell devs to put pvp vendors back in the game or we riot ! The HQ They cant stop us! :fire::fire::fire:

How about some corruption nerfs for Infinite Stars, TwiDev, and to a lesser extent Appendage and the overly buffed Void Ritual?

Don’t get me wrong, these are good changes (if late), but the extended silence on how totally broken the top end of corruption is bothers me much more.

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I comeback yesterday I suppose this is good news?

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now get the devs to make them stack, and we might photoshop you a trophy.


Sweet change! Thank you. :slight_smile:

Makes a lot more sense than stacking the assault boxes in addition to rep and items.

Increased drop rate means it’ll be easier to prog attempts on my alts. Overall very happy!

So when we’re on the final week for current ranks, you’ll remove the limitation on ranks 13-15 as well? I mean, good for alts and catch up I guess.


Maybe 100k would be better. I agree 25k hits fast.

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Yes please! I hope they change them so they stack :).


You misunderstand.

The reason it’s capped at 2 for the rank 13-15 quests is because it requires the higher tier corrupted areas in the vision. What they’ve done is allow those higher tier areas to also count for the quests only requiring low tier corrupted areas (without the 2 pages cap).


Now we just need to let vessels stack. That or move them to the currency tab. I need my bag space back.


Well that 4 page change is literally a week late, so what is even the point??


It’s a catchup mechanic for the people who haven’t been staying on top of it.


It’s still beneficial for next week’s quest for people who are caught up. And the increased currency + no vessel cap is beneficial for everyone.

Edit: Or is next week’s just “Kill Thrall”? I forget when the easy “first book” quest comes in.

Edit: Okay, yeah, it’s that. Ah well. Still beneficial for saving runs for the last few that take several each.

It’s a wizard, and it is arriving precisely when it meant to.


no it isnt, rank 12 is a one run week


It’s always nice to see Blizz finally making some changes to help alleviate some of this grind and timegating and help catchup but there’s so many more changes that need to be made… starting with accountwide essences, just do it, stop being stubborn please. You can earn so many brownie points going into Shadowlands just by doing what the majroity of the community wants and giving us accountwide essences.

And we need the corruption drop rates drastically increased… so we actually have choices to make and can make the fun sets we want, isntead of it being feast or famine pure RNG who gets to dominate the meters cause they get bis corruptions and someone else keeps getting avoidance and what not…

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I guess I don’t see how these changes streamline upgrades for anyone who’s keeping up. Yes I can get more coalescing visions to drop and keep more vessels in my bags (hello bag space!) but it still takes 9 runs to get rank 15 with the 2-page limitation.

Maybe my definition of streamlining is different from theirs. Or they could just title the post differently to say this is strictly for catch-up – there’s nothing wrong with that – instead of “Horrific Visions” which makes it seem like it’s better for everyone.

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Now take it one step further and make essences ACCOUNT WIDE


awesome news for my alts… now can ya make the Vessel of Horrific stack please!

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I actually prefer it not be an X0,000 number. It allows you to go over a little.

I don’t have to worry about losing coalescing visions. Like if I am at 19,800, I can go over the 20k bit a little before I have to go cash in 1 or 2.

30k even cut off means as soon as I hit 20k I need to purchase anyways. Or I risk hitting the cap and losing coalescing.