Horrific Visions Rewards

Bugs aside, do ever play a video game and desire to figure things out yourself without the internet telling you everything?

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they aren’t

what is this patch lol. some good QA for sure.

for the blue: did my first clear of two zones last night and did not get any loot. still wondering how this system works considering it isn’t rewarding at all like you’ve suggested.


I got a 420 piece on all 3 of my toons I brought through there. Did 2 of them on day 1 and 2 too so it’s not like they “hotfixed” it.

Most people just trash 420 gear at this point and probably don’t even notice it.

It would have been nice if the base gear received scaled to our Ilvl.


They are able to have sockets and tiertary stats.

No offense Argowal but this isn’t anything to do with figuring it out on yourself. The Tortollan quests are things you figure out for yourself… figuring out how a reward structure works is a very different thing. For an MMO it’s good for people to know.


I thought I had read the RNG sockets were gone as well, especially with the corruption socket.

That sucks if they are still there.

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If you love to get everything explained to you ahead of time that’s fine.

It would suck to learn how things work by doing them.

But tbh the playerbase hate figuring things out. Just look at the quest helper addons that get millions of downloads both in retail and classic.

Considering the large cost to attempt a Vision and the low payout from sources other than the main assault boss, is there a reason why the reward tiers are on a once-a-week basis? Even if someone spams assault dailies, objectives, rares, and chests for the attempt currency, I doubt anyone’ll be able to get more than a few attempts in a given week.


it’s cute you like to troll GD more than doing meaningful content but there’s a difference between exploration and being told we get loot for doing X and not receiving loot after having done X


A bug is a different thing than learning how things work, as stated in the preface of the original post.

Wow never heard that before.



Now maybe, but when 5 mask full clear is on farm, that would mean 3 470 pieces per week. That’s an insane amount of loot.

Can you please address the reports of players not receiving items when they clear higher tiers for the first time in the week?


Can confirm that I was one of those people. I was going to complain about not getting any gear either, but then I remembered DE’ing it.

No you are totally in the wrong.

M+ have their reward structure explained ahead of time.
Raids too as well.
For something that seemingly requires farming of currency to do, it’s not that great to figure out how the core content’s reward structure works. Or is that hard to understand.

I don’t need the attitude, I don’t need everything explained to me but this kind of information deserves to be known ahead of time. If you can’t differentiate learning how to overcome things, to actually knowing what the hell you get from them then I can’t help you there.


And when 5mask clears become common enough to farm, would 470 gear be relevent for people who can farm it? Keep in mind, all the gear from it is soulbound and can’t be traded.


I am dying out of boredom, can you make something better? this is like those Chinese patches they release in Chinese mmorpgs.

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Why haven’t I and many others not received any gear from visions on multiple characters. I have cleared a basic run, 2 mediums zone run, medium hard run on 2 different chars and not once gotten any loot.

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Sure I do, when its intended to be that way.

The fact that Blizzard is coming out to tell us what the rewards are now tells me that we were meant to know what they were, and we didnt.

Had they intended the rewards to be randomized or to be a secret for the players to discover, that would have been fine. But this seems like a case where they just kind of forgot to tell us and then were like “Oh crap wait, did we tell them what gear they can get? Bro, you better go tell them quick.”

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