Horrific Visions Rewards

My friend and I have burned through five so any of that missing gear can be mailed to us?

I’ve not gotten loot from any of the 5 i’ve done.

Yes, especially if it corrupts with the right traits. It would be 3 extra chances at very good corrupted gear, better than Heroic raiding. Having the loot be locked out is fine IMO. You get 1 garanteed piece a week.

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It’s more the fact that people kept calling it a “bug” and made thread after thread about how it’s “bugged”.

So Blizzard came out and told you that it wasn’t.

Wait…Kaivax, are you legitimately saying the best way to gear through Visions is to do 5 visions a week with different mask numbers?

Seems silly, sounds like it should be designed more similar to M+ cache, highest done equals reward.


did you not read the OP

blue says you get loot per highest difficulty

people in thread say they’ve completed 2 bonus areas and have not received loot

i see you two enjoy being here from your post count but you’d think by now you’d read what you’re replying to.

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Probably because they didn’t complete 2 bonus areas in the same run.

Or I saw the post and thought that no way they did Garona + Rehkan in a single run and then managed to kill Thrall, at current levels of gear and talents and cloak.

weird. did that last night. hit a chest for garona and zappyboi

not loot in those chests.

again, i would suggest reading the thread instead of just attempting to add to your post count.

if you don’t think people are already clearing lost areas, well that just says more about how close you are to the raiding scene.

spoiler: lost zones are getting done right now.


Yeah this makes…no sense at all. Especially with no documentation till now explaining it works this way.

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“highest done = reward” means we don’t get the chest until the end of the week.

not sure i want another “weekly” thing on top of pvp and m+


I don’t think that’s how it works.

I think you would get 1 470 then 2 420s.

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If you want to have the easiest time completing each run, sure. But you could also just do 5 full clears with 5 masks and get all the rewards for each # of masks. So its not like you’d need to drop them each time, you just can to make it safer.

Did you kill Thrall or not ?

I mean, when has that been something that Blizzard has done?
Blizzard is notoriously bad at informing players of any of the games workings.

Totally agree, Blizzard needs to make some systems workings more transparent instead of assuming players will guess or luck it out.
Most common complaint I see from new and returning players are that they “don’t know what I’m supposed to do” or they “didn’t know that was thing”.


You’re not wrong; I don’t either. But it’s also hella janky that the optimal gear path is to deliberately not do the highest thing you can.

Like, what if doing a run with a claimed loot tier just gave you the next unclaimed one down? And most importantly, bottomed out at the lowest tier instead of nothing?

I have done 9 so far between 2 characters and have not gotten one single piece of loot.


ofc i killed thrall. go read the post you’re quoting. my cloak is rank 5 if you want to try and double down some more.

it couldn’t possibly be this rank unless ive killed thrall every time.


that’s what it should do and im convinced this blue post was just what he was told to say.

you can see it doesn’t check out with the least bit of scrutiny. i myself should have gotten loot last night going by the explanation given

and nothing was awarded.


Same. I haven’t received loot for any of it, just Thrall, or Thrall plus objectives. No one in my guild has received any loot from them actually.


then you got bugged and should put in a ticket. though with how buggy this patch is, i wonder if cs will be swamped for weeks or days…