Horrific Visions Rewards

can you explain why people were getting loot if it is only supposed to be once a week?

this is also not at all how it worked on the PTR.

really seems like you guys dropped the ball. how can it possibly be once a week if people are getting multiple drops this week already?

can those who didn’t receive any loot at all expect something? i have done all my visions solo and completed them and so was eligible for reward.

last night i did two bonus areas for the first time and didn’t get any loot, but reading your posts it suggests i should have gotten something as it was my first time on that “difficulty”


Yo, I did a second run killing Vision Boss + 2 Bonus Objectives with a friend and still didn’t received a 430 gear. (No gear at all, 'cause my first run was only Vision boss with a 420 piece reward). What about it?


you’d have to no life and grind essence for hours on end. but to be fair, since gear can’t ilvl upgrade anymore, you really only care about 2 or 3 of the rewards at a time. maybe 4.

This simply isn’t accurate with what’s happening in game. I’ve done a Vision boss + 2 bonus objectives run and gotten no 430 loot. Out of all 6 runs I got one 420 piece from my very first vision.

Edit: to clarify, I had 3 chests to open at the end. Which I assume means it was a successful boss + 2 bonus run.


Yo, are you sanity-shaming us?!

Joking aside (or not aside perhaps) this is the info dump you want to give players in your Preview pages, not 4 days after players have used all their vessel keys, especially since the go-to response from GMs on this issue is “we can’t track what you did in Visions, so we can’t restore anything.”


There should be enough Coalescing Visions for another run this week. If you are capable of clearing 2 Objectives + the boss you should get the 430 item from that run.

What a joke.

Why would somebody want item level 430? We’ve had months to farm item levels higher than that. If you aren’t aiming for 460 or higher you’re wasting your time.


I really hate this new design concept for gear acquisition. I don’t like corruption as a mechanic at all. Maybe I’ll get use to it? But my initial impressions with all this have been very negative.


So you take away pvp vendors because we cant find them and than give us a system like this.

Me no understand man.


so i have rank 5 cloak and got 0 gear, will i get 2 pieces for doing my 6th key because i didnt get anything from the first 5? because this is kinda dumb lol


Let’s not pretend it’s somehow efficient to sit at cloak rank 2 or whatever just because you already got your loot.


10 chars

Forget leveling your cloak. You’re actually incentivized to try to get the highest possible reward you can manage. Even if it means you fail a few attempts. It’s atrocious game design.


IF we get the loot…


I would argue that’s pretty simple risk vs reward.

If you play it safe, you’re much more likely to get your cloak upgrade on a given run.

If you play it risky, you’re more likely to get higher ilvl loot, but if you mess up may not get your cloak upgrade.

You have ~3 chances a week after the first week though, so it’s not that harsh. Try prog twice, safe once.


Pretty sure you got a 420 piece and vendored it, like everyone else, when you did the first run during the quest chain.

All 3 toons I did the chain on got the 420.


no i know for a fact that I didnt get a piece nor did anyone in my party


How do you know this?


Sweet, something that should of happened maybe before the content release, just saying :rofl:


On my third clear on my rogue I got a 420 boot, that corrupted, with a socket. I thought these things weren’t supposed to be able to come with sockets.

On my lock I did 5 runs (lost 1) never got any gear at all.