[Horde] Ministry of Defense is recruiting!

We are an adult friendly, casual raiding guild that has been on the Aerie Peak server for eight years. While we'll accept all skill levels into our membership, we are currently looking for tanks and healers looking to push heroic raid content and beyond!

Our raid times are:
Thursday and Friday at 4pm server when Uldir releases.

Check us out at: ministryofdefense.net
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We are currently looking for tanks and healers wishing to push heroic raid content!
Still looking for people wanting to push heroic raids, now and into when BfA launches.
We currently have a guild PVP officer, who is organizing PVP events on a weekly basis (if not more), and we are looking for PVP players to join our ranks.

Check us out at: ministryofdefense.net
I joined this guild about a month or so ago.

Great group of people, and they haven't forgotten that this is a game and it should be fun. Pleasant experience, especially where I recently faction switched from Alliance to Horde. They made me feel welcome, and relaxed. I am getting to stretch my wings (excuse the Druid pun) like I have not been able to in all the years I have been playing. I am getting to explore healing again, and the guild leadership has been very helpful in allowing me to work out the mechanics of raid healing, while giving me some pointers on getting better with my teamwork.

I am very happy to have found Ministry of Defense... and I am glad I have finally found a guild where it feels great to log on after a hard day, and I can just enjoy being there... playing the game I love.

Thank you to Urostek, and the rest of the guild leadership...for giving me an in-game place to call home.
MOD Pride!

In all seriousness though, I was just starting a horde toon and these guys took me in. I raid, and pvp with them often.

Its full of unique characters and nice people who will quickly grow on you. They are not your average guild, rather its not a guild at all. We are family, and they make logging in every day a fun experience.
I have played this game since BC. Back then I was in the best guild a guy could ask for. For years I've tried to achieve that feeling of family and friends hip, and didn't find it even after creating a guild or two.
I lucked out and joined this one on a whim. Best decision I've made in game in a long time. Since day one these people have accepted me and been nothing but helpful. The leadership is fantastic and I couldn't ask for a better group of people to play the game with. It's never too serious to the point of feeling like a job with them. I deeply enjoy playing because of these people.
Anyone who wants to be apart of a great group, or have a fun time would be welcomed. I've found my old love for the game again. I've found a in game home for as long as I can see.
If you want a guild with a very strong sense of community, feels like family, likes to goof off and have fun (but is also serious when need be), so many events that being bored is just not an option, and just enjoys playing the game without tension and drama, Ministry of Defense is definitely the guild you want.

I have been in this guild a few months, and as someone who was returning after a long time, it is kind of a scary thing. I was welcomed with open arms and given all of the help I could need in trying to figure out how to play again.

You will not find a guild with more energetic, welcoming, helpful people and leadership. Urostek and the rest of the administration have done such an excellent job in making anyone's experience an amazing one. I feel honored to be a part of this.

Also raffles.
I have an alt with these guys, good group of people so far. If you're horde and looking for a guild; these are your people.
We are actively recruiting both raiders and PVPers for the upcoming release of Battle for Azeroth. We plan to raid two nights a week (to start) and run organized PVP events two nights a week as well. We are 11/11 H Antorus.

You can check out some of our weekly activities at: ministryofdefense.net
If you are searching for an active guild, it's MoD. We run weekly Normal / Heroic weekly raids, RBG's and world PVP, Mythic dungeons and other old content runs for achievements, transmog or just silly fun. We also run weekly raffles for gold and other prizes. It's very hard to be bored is such an awesome guild. Come check us out and see why we love it so.
We will be organizing raids when Uldir releases on Thursdays and Fridays. Start time will be 4pm server (7pm eastern). We are a normal/heroic progression raiding guild.

We will also be organizing PVP events during the week (most likely two nights). Our schedule also includes mythic keys (organized during the week) and old raids/achievements on Sundays.

You can check out some of our weekly activities at: ministryofdefense.net
I’ve been looking for exactly this. I’m new to the server. I got a lot to give I just need a home to hang my hat. Plz add I’ll be on tomorrow and this weekend
Just message me (or anyone in the guild), or fill out a guild join request and I'll see when you are online.
We have a raiders interest and organization meeting tomorrow (Thursday) at 4pm server. Join now if you are interested in raiding with us!
We are still looking for members interested in raiding and PVP. Here's a look into a sample weekly events schedule:

Sunday: Sunday Funday (old raids/transmog/mount runs)
Monday: PVP Event
Tuesday: Rated Battlegrounds PVP
Wednesday: Island Expedition Event
Thursday: Uldir Raid
Friday: Uldir Raid
Saturday: mythic key night

Check us out at: ministryofdefense.net
This guild is ok, sept they have spams if you take decent pics with your cell phone instead of screen shot, even though what you were posting, extremely visible. And they have a leader who is constantly complaining in discord during raids. Like get out of the fire before the fire even starts. I mean they cool people. Like a nerdy friend that spasas out over very nerdy stuff.
"they have a leader who is constantly complaining in discord during raids. Like get out of the fire before the fire even starts."

One of the Raid Leads here (there are four of us).

For those who can't understand what's being said: He's bothered because a Raid Lead is telling everyone "3 seconds until fire spawns" and then "fire now!" in the middle of a fight.

AKA He's complaining because the Raid Leader is Raid Leading, IMO. This sort of shot-calling gives everyone a heads-up that movement is incoming, and then followup that they have to move. We have specific officers or raid leads assigned to specific tasks within the raid. Each may call out different timers or mechanics as needed.

For example, in Heroic Coven of Shivarra, we had one person who called out "Storm in 5 seconds", and then "Storm now!" each time. We also had someone say, "Save cooldowns, healing adds are up in a minute", "Healing adds in 5 seconds", and then "Healing adds up - lust!"

We require either DBM or BigWigs to raid with us (a fact that was originally ignored by Constitine - he ragequit after we asked if he had it installed, and then we later invited him back anyway). However, not all addons have accurate timers, and there are several different customization options within said addons. We treat these addons as guidelines rather than as law because of these discrepancies.

Sometimes there can be information overload on a person's screen in the heat of the moment, so a player who might normally see the DBM Storm warning well ahead of time could miss it, because they were dealing with another mechanic. (a melee DPS watching their feet during lightning adds who is keeping an eye on other melee DPS could easily miss the Storm warning).

MoD welcomes a wide variety of skill levels, so we like to make sure that folks will be aware of all the important raid-wide mechanics. Our opinion is that it is better for no one to need the reminder and us to call it anyway, than for a dicey pull to become a wipe because some players missed one of several alerts active on their screen at once.

If you would prefer silent Raid Leads who demand you rely solely upon addons for mechanics and will not communicate calls during the raid, then yes - our raid group is not for you. We tend to have a lot of information being commented during fights by different raid leads! Some of it is only important depending on your role or what group you're in during the fight. This could be confusing for those who are used to 1 lead or very few calls during fights. (Most of our group tends to quickly learn "Quetzie is calling something for the ranged people - as a melee, I can tune that out" or "Telann is communicating with the other tank - I don't need to listen to him calling swaps".) Not everyone is the same, so some people will neither enjoy nor be successful with this style of shot-calling. We wish them well in finding a group more suited to their tastes!

(As far as the comment about photos...please don't take photos of your monitor when there exists a screenshot function. It's true, you will be teased for it by a number of people, myself included.)
A hearty hello!
We are currently looking for tanks, monks (any spec) or paladins (any spec).

Our record is currently 8/8 N, 1/8 H Uldir.

Our raid times are:
Thursday and Friday at 4pm server.

Check us out at: ministryofdefense.net