Horde heirloom vendor?

where’s the horde heirloom vendor nowadays?

The vendor is still in the under city

I wish they’d move it to Org.

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Below 110 they’re in the Undercity. At 110+ you can find her above the front gate of Orgrimmar.


oh no kidding? i figured the city was blown up sooo, lol

thank you!

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They have moved it. When you reach 110 and do the Undercity siege quest, or skip it, the heirloom vendor moves to the front gate of Orgrimmar. There’s a forsaken camp up there.


Really? Didnt know that, Learn something new everyday

awesome ty for the info!

On top of Orgrimmar over the front gate. They are sitting down and on the far right if you are facing Orgrimmar.


Kind of like the new location. Sometimes I would forget what quarter of the loop they were in undercity sadly. So I’d run the loop till I found them.


FYI - They are still available in UC for your 110+ toons.

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Was this the one during Wrath?

No the intro for BfA I meant. It’s like the first quest you do.

Oh ok. That I completed. I was hoping it wasn’t Battle for Undercity because they took that out. :grin:

it be the horde start off to BFA. Anduin comes in to a bio weapons facility with no gas masks, gets butt handed to him, jaina clad shimmering plot armour has a flying ship that breaks down the wall and cleans up some gas.

All the great leaders of the alliance enter the throne room, get caught monologuing and sylvanas gets away.

then off to Zandalar horde goes.

Here you go, arm yourself with knowledge :slight_smile: I actually wrote up a guide on this not too long ago with pictures and everything.


Yeah I did do Battle for Lordaeron. Just never knew they moved to heirloom vendor after that.

Stormwind try there

Above the front gates to Orgrimmar would be a more accurate answer. As you’re exiting the city, fly above the inner gate, and head all the way to the <-- left. The "Heirloom ‘Curator’ " is Estelle Gendry. She is between 2 undercity banners.

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