Horde are winning 99% of AV's and also getting 99% of the HKs

Alliance has a huge advantage as we actually get to play the game. Horde are too coward to re-roll because they can’t play without all the phat lewt they have acquired. They think they are good at pvp, but they really are just a bunch of lemmings. If you think you are so good at PvP, start an Alliance toon haha.

I don’t think a single Horde should talk trash on here until they have created an Alliance toon and have tried to win in AV.

Spin means to aoe the flag down so they don’t recap. You don’t need to kill them for that.

Or maybe only like 5 of you retreat to gete mana and stuff, and then go back in, then a different 5 retreats, and does the same thing.

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Yep keep making excuses just like that neighbors kid.

I’m glad you are enjoying the short queues and you are “playing the game” but I have a question : while you are playing and “enjoying” it how much is the % of you really playing it and how much is % of you rezzing at different GY’s further and further till you rezz in the cave. Also curious about the shyty honor and reputation you make when these days you cant even do LT’s because horde are camping the bottle neck at Icewing Bunker.

I have about 500 games in AV and won 20. Consistent 5% win rate. I am exalted and everything. I just love AV because it can be fun but the 5% win rate is not sustainable. It makes it not fun at all. It doesn’t take a genius to look at the graveyards and see what the issue is. I have a 209% mount and I will never get to SF GY before the horde. Never. Even with sprinting out of the cave and trying as hard as I can they get there before me 100% of the time. As someone who loves this BG, if you are gonna take away alliance premade because it was toxic to the community then we got to fix this as well because it is just as toxic.


You are absolutely wrong. That changed once the druids were fixed. Usually, alliance goes immediately on offense, their push gets wiped, they very quickly lose SHGY, and it becomes “one of those games”.

I’m doing a lot more fighting than I am sitting in a 2 hour Q that’s for sure. I do my best to develop strats, macros, and make call outs. My games don’t always suck, but a lot of them do. Still working out the kinks and working on my epic mount, so the jury is still out.

When I was on Horde we lost every game because the Alliance would just zerg to Drek. I then started to intercept the zerg, and called for 6-10 to play defense. People moaned and groaned at first saying defense was stupid, but suddenly it started working, and the meta shifted.

Now I am fighting against my own meta on the other side and it feels great. Like racing your ghost in Mario Kart 64

The barn strat is pretty legit. I talked to the best Alliance quarterback that I have seen so far, and he says he wins about 25% of his games. Fun in a video game is really all about perspective.


I 100% admit that I was one of the those Horde who said “just let them go by…its faster that way”
Funny how one person and some cooperation can change the meta lol

dang that’s a lot bigger then it use to be

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typical alliance hyberbole.

Been in plenty of games with alliance rocking 300 hks and winning with horde sitting at under 100

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I’d believe you except for the “winning” part.

Tribalism actually has people convinced that Horde players are better at any one specific element of the game than Alliance players. There’s no difference between factions, it’s the same player base on both sides. Alliance lose 99% of their games because they don’t try, but they don’t try because they know that even if they did, they’d probably lose 95% of the games. The map is an unfair advantage, and pretending one faction is simply better is delusional


While i agree with triablism, i disagree with the rest. There is a better faction when it comes to PvP. Its factual that horde have an advantange in PvP due to racials. Its literally undisputable.

Yes but the players aren’t better. Just because their racials are better doesn’t mean the player base is. The player base is identical in every way, except one side has received an advantage that allows them to win. Their racials are basically the same as map imbalance.

Tribalism is believing that Horde are somehow magically better at PvP because they win more, but actuality is understanding it’s the same on both sides, except one has abilities that are more suited to pvp

Probably the most egregious, willfully ignorant interpretation of history I’ve ever seen. I also love how you quoted everything he said and argued with it except his last statement which neither you nor anyone else has a logically consistent answer for:

EDIT: Excited to read Redhead’s comment.

I don’t think horde is better at PvP than alliance, bit in AV alliance worse than horde simply because if it’s not AV weekend the better alliance players don’t go into AV. And in contrast the better horde still go into AV because the long que times on our side for any BG makes it worth it in the HPH farm.

Sure the better horde players will play 10 WSG/AB per AV, but they are still playing AV. The better alliance players don’t que for AV because all of their ques are basically instant, meaning their HPH with AV will not outpace the 4+ AB/WSG games they could get in in the same time, even of they won AV. This is until AV weekend where there’s a lot more bonus honor and it’s finally a good HPH for alliance and the better alliance players come to AV.

Horde not touching this comment with a 10-ft pole I see.

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Why bother with a comment that is 100% fabrication?

Well, because its not. Horde have a hard time accepting the advantages that are thrown at them all throughout classic. I’m not saying the things you’ve said in the comment before this one were false, but horde DO have obvious advantages. I mean even if there isn’t a map advantage, their racials can still make or break a game. Oh and uh, shaman. Shaman win games.

Horde have sone map advantages, but so do alliance and they are currently not using them to any degree 99% of the time.

There’s a few reasons alliance won 1.12 AV for 15 years and now they can’t in classic. It’s not the map.