Hope you enjoy the token money Blizz

I’m sure the people quitting do not matter to you. I’m sure you will enjoy rolling around in the money from Token sales. I’m taking mine elsewhere though, and I have also canceled my D4 preorder. If they are going to put the WoW token in classic, canceling PvE in OW2… what is keeping them from doing really greedy low stuff like that to Diablo?

Good Riddance it was a nice 14 years.


Oh crap good idea. Gonna do the same.


Yea, Ive been on the fence about D4, but after this, Im not buying it. I dont trust the microtransactions that will be in that game.


Gold trading revenue rightfully belongs to the developer. You speak as if it shouldn’t. What you could have been throwing this tantrum over is the boosts they sold. These had no good reason to exist.


:joy: people have been swiping all of Classic, you’re like crickets, Blizzard provides a legal supply to make more profits…”wah! You’re endorsing cheating!”

Never change Forum whiners…never change. It’s actually amusing :popcorn:.


Yeah, just conveniently ignore the constant threads asking to ban bots and do something about rampant gold buying.


Not sure what’s amusing about expecting a company to monitor their game. Instead they combat it by adding gold to the shop. Cool. Glad you’re entertained tho.


$20 for 8k gold lols


They’ve come out and said there won’t be any pay2win mechanics in the game…your loss if you don’t get into it

Yea they said the same thing about WoW tokens lmao. They also said theyd be adding a battlepass and cosmetic shop to a game theyre charging 100 dollars for lmao


Why did you even preorder in the first place

Even if you wanted a bonus you can do it last second

3rd party RMT has been selling gold on classic since 2019, and the players did nothing about the player created problem. Give it a rest.

GG blizz!


Uhhh… and what were the players supposed to do…? Ban the players that bought gold?

I think we need a crash course on who is the one able to fix the video game


Do you continue to play with cheaters in other games or sports? I mean come on, grow some morals and a spine. You are actually requiring blizzard to police you because you can’t control yourself?

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Bye. But for every person who buys a token, someone else gets basically a free month of wow. So they are really only making 5 extra dollars.

I also font understand what people expect from a dwindling staff pool. They dont have the man power. It would also take what… 10 wow tokens for them to see the same profit as boosts?

Its sad when peoples arguments are so bad it makes people look like they are defending Blizzard.


How do I know if someone bought gold?

Despite everyone’s anecdotes about how wide spread gold buying is, I don’t know anyone who ADMITS to buying gold.

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So wait you are saying cheaters should run free in WoW and are shaming people who have a problem with it? Because that isn’t in Blizz’s job description, right? They can’t possibly deal with cheaters. Oh no, no, no.



This is the result of retail players coming to classic and doing the p2w GDKP. I don’t mind it coming now as Wrath is the first retail expansion and hopefully this will keep the retail kiddos away from era and seasons.

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How do I know who is cheating? Only Blizzard can know that… You know… The people that are responsible for their game and it’s community…?

I mean come on, grow some morals and a spine. You are actually requiring blizzard to police you because you can’t control yourself?

No… I want them to police others… So they don’t buy gold…

Am I talking to a Blizzard employee? You know unless they pay you, it’s actually embarassing to irrationally stand behind everything they do. Like, it’s the brain of a simp


The developer that hasnt lifted a finger over the entire classic lifespan to slow down Botting and punish gold sellers and buyers?

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