Honor Your Legacy with New Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage Armor

Dreading that part myself tbh.

Agreed, I’m really looking forward to the NE set and the quest chain.
Even though there isn’t a whole lot to the quest chain and the armor set I’m excited and looking forward to the patch.

Something that hasn’t happened for a long time.

Oh god I just saw that.

That’s so obnoxious, why would they do this.


I mean, I already did it. Twice on characters that actually made it through Shadowlands.

I don’t want to go through that again.

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I’d wager a guess it has something to do with the storyline for the new armor. Maybe after, Lordaeron finally gets a facelift.

i noticed only one color of the night elf heritage armor set is mentioned. one other tint was also datamined. will they be able to access both? if not then why, cause lots of heritage sets have gotten multiple tints. some races even have tints that are just sitting in the game files unused


I’d assume the second tint will be available, but really who knows really.

Why couldnt you use the OG trailer night elf set? it was skimpy yes but so is the blood moon troll set.

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Eh. Not quite the battle bikini I wanted. They obviously are going the more modest route. I mean, I don’t hate it and I will do the quest, but I don’t see myself sporting it around Valdrakken.


I believe so homie.

I like the Night Elf sets except for one thing, the maroon version looks incredibly washed out, and the details around the fur combined with that washed out color make it look like they pasted a color sample and texture from 2004 onto a set designed in the last couple years of more robust armor. Like if they remade Judgement but put the paint job from the OG set on top of it.

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I know you can’t please everyone…I honestly do. In my own opinion at this moment in time, which may change in the future, or maybe not at all…the Night Elf heritage outfit looks a lot like the swimwear version of the Nightborne evening gown heritage outfit. I personally don’t like the Forsaken heritage outfit and I especially don’t care for the Gungrave wannabe suicide bomber backpack. I DO however, like the Forsaken belt. Anyway, this is my post only I care about, so whatever.


The skeptic in me says they are doing this so people race change to Forsaken for the armor. In reality, it is probably because someone thought it made sense “lore wise.”

Yes, a blue/white one. Which hopefully they just didn’t include in the preview for whatever reason, and didn’t decide to randomly axe…

I want that one specifically. :dracthyr_cry:

What I’m surprised about though, is - did Forsaken even have a recolor to theirs? I recall the two Nelf colors being found, but I can’t recall if there was a second color for the Forsaken.


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Makes me want to roll an undead. Well done.

Another Horde victory.

It’s definitely close enough, even though having exactly that would have been cooler, especially the coloring. :sweat_smile:

Night Elf armor is pretty much perfect, can’t wait to see the color variants in game. 9/10

Night Elf Tattoos are stretched out and pixelated and they lack the shading and outlines of the ones they are replacing. 2/10

Forsaken armor looks chucky and patchworked… Might be on prepose? 5/10

News Skin Colors are always nice. 7/10.


Sadly, I don’t think there are any color variants. If there were, Blizzard would have shown it today.

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