Honor Your Legacy with New Forsaken and Night Elf Heritage Armor

looks like /dance

Uh…There is no male and female anymore, just body type 1 & 2. Major faux pas, persons.

Forsaken set looks dope, no upright forsaken? just some basic skin colours that are gonna be so mid not gonna lie these new “customizations” look very lazy and low effort…


To echo what a few folks in this thread have asked for, upright Forsaken, please and thank you, Blizzard.

Otherwise, I think both sets look great and I hope you don’t forget about the blue/white version for the Night Elves.


The Forsaken community has made it loud and clear for -many- years: WE WANT UPRIGHT POSTURES FOR OUR UNDEAD


While you need to do the return to Lordaeron questline on the character, you don’t have to do the shadowlands story. You can do the Calia questline without doing a single quest in the shadowlands if you really want to.

Can we please have the original chest piece back for night elf females/body type 2…?
The wrapped strap was so cool and unique and had dimension, and this new one is just… generic and painted on.
It just feels flat and generic in comparison to the rest of the set and is a very disappointing change… and even more disappointing because the rest of the set looks absolutely perfect. :pensive:


Hopefully they’re adding in the white/blue set for NElves and not letting it rot away like they have for the other heritage sets, it looks so much prettier.
And some back surgery for the Forsaken, please.


Excuse me, why is Blizzard using these outdated and hateful terms? Its Body Type 1 and Body Type 2. If I have to use it for my characters, you have to use it too.


White and Blue and the other colorization from the warfront armors would be a fine addition. The Forsaken armor also needs a purple version similar to what you can earn in the warfront.


Hey someone tell these devs we just want upright forsaken


We all wish they would do actually more work what people request instead doing “their thing”, no? But I guess you have to wait in line, together with the Worgen and their tails and claw animations.

I went to Oribos yesterday on my lvl 50 UD lock, that I made recently and Calia wasn’t there for me. Is she somewhere else or can I pick it up from somewhere else?

This looks fun!

I hope my old tabard stays, so I can have them both, same with the old cloak design. I like that the forsaken chess piece in interchangeable, I like the one on the male better. If I’ve done Return to Lordaeron on any character, then I should be good to go?

My Night Elves are ready as well, that looks really nice. It reminds me of that formal attire saved for special occasions.

Yikes, talk about low effort…

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It requires lvl 60 and you to have picked a covenant.
That said I just learned that they disabled the threads of fate that allowed you to join a covenant instantly. Yikes.
On the other hand they seem to change the requirments in the next patch as the post talks about you being able to speak to Calia in Orgrimmar to pick up the quest, which is different from how it is now.

So currently the questline is locked up until you can pick a covenant and are lvl 60.

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Did they do upright forsaken yet?


For anyone wondering why Lilian Voss doesn’t offer a quest - this isn’t released until September 5th. The article isn’t clear in that regard.


He’s going off the rails but there is no train


I remember seeing a blue and green one

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