Honor NOT being calculated 3-8 AM

I live in Japan and my regular play time is during these hours. I can absolutely 100% confirm the rest of these complaints that honor is not counting during late night hours. I have noticed this the last two weeks and just this last week my honor is off by over 20k of what my HK calculator (with diminishing returns) had me tallied at. You don’t need an addon to see the difference either. It’s clear when you PvP during the morning hours that none of that honor is factoring In at any point.

This has completely broken my ability to honor farm because my play time almost always falls in these early morning hours.

Blizzard, please fix this. It is not just a visual error. You are making the game literally unplayable for those of us in different time zones.


I was at 17k around 3 am and continued pvping till 4:30 am reaching around 25k. The amount of honor i made in these hours are complely gone.

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Would just like to report I stopped farming right at 2:59 AM, 382 HKs. After roll over I have 382 HKs. Which shows I have 100% retention rate outside of the 3-8 AM period.

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EST or PST and what time zone are you?

If you’re asking me, I’m PST.

At 3 am PST the daily roll over for honor occurs, last week I received my rank shortly after this roll over time also. So this is when a day is ending, 3 AM.

I don’t know if anyone else caught that your honorable kills, between these times, ARE in fact added to your Lifetime total if nothing else. Now that we have the reset, I’m missing about 18% of my overall kills from the calculation.

I don’t know man. Is honor being recorded at all during these times on your end? Because conflating this issue with the display bug just cost all of us rating this week. I’ve watched my morning kills literally evaporate once the new day calculates that evening at 3 am.

And if they are being recorded, what week are they being recorded in? Are they going to the shadow realm? Will we get them when Shadowlands releases?

Where is a Blue at least acknowledging this is a separate issue and they’re looking into it?

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This bothers me too. They could test it easily. Test it and tell us all we are crazy . . . or acknowledge that there is a problem and address it.

I’d like to reiterate this issue.

If I get kills during the evening to past 3 am server, they will all be listed under today. Whereupon relogging they’ll separate into today and yesterday respectfully (display bug).
From this point, all the kills I earn between 3 am server to 8 am server will be calculated into Today, along with the rest of the kills I earn that day. But once the new day begins at the following 3 am, all the kills and their respective honor from that morning will disappear from the new Yesterday. And now, while they aren’t accounted for in This Week, for some reason those kills lost do seem to be accounted for in our Lifetime totals.
And now that we have had the weekly reset, I can confirm that this issue doesn’t resolve upon the new week. They’re still not properly accounted for, though the evidence of their existence remains.

The blues originally responded to a problem where the in-game UI element was not updating at all, always displaying 0.

There is currently no issue displaying these honorable kills. They are falling under a time frame where they are not being accounted for daily or weekly updates.

“Today” and “Yesterday” are being seen as 8:01 AM to 2:59 AM. Any overflow is being added to “Lifetime” never towards weekly standing. There is no issue updating anymore, they’re all there. Just not being accounted toward weekly standing.


This is getting kinda unfair.

Last night between those hours I got at least 3,000 honor based on the estimates from honorspy. I had even more from the whole week.

My total this week was 3149… this is completely broken for those of us who aren’t main time american players.

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With the long downtime I am curious if they are just going to ignore it and that it has already been secretly fixed.

A reasonable bet. Clearly they did something with the extra two hours this morning.

do we know if the suspected time frame of no honor (it has affected me too with a lot of honor) is server time or a certain time zone time?

it would be nice to know to not waste time and resources.

Agreed, it’d be good to have a blue post saying they’re looking into it, saying it’s another caching error, a separate bug, or anything.

Feedback: As a player, it’s demoralizing to have over 4 days pass on a major issue with no response at all. It gives me no idea if this is being treated with urgency or not. I want to assume so, but the lack of response is discouraging.

I mean, if you bought something on Amazon and there was something wrong with it, you’d expect a seller response within 72 hours at most. If you had to wait a week for a response, that’d be unreasonable.

Blizzard isn’t one person. It has the resources to say, at least, “we hear you, and we are trying to fix it.”

Please communicate with us.

Even if they do compensate us for the lost honor we have lost out on the rank placements putting us behind others so our PVP ranks will be lower than they should be for this grind.

So we won’t be getting the PVP gear that is so sort after making our own PVP experience worse as we face more of those who have it.

You wont be reimbursed for the honor lost because they never recorded how much you earnt in the first place. A GM conceded with me that the issue is more than a display one and forwarded it to the Devs. Now i await a speedy fix, because as of now the game is unplayable for my timezone.

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Im glad you got a response; I was threatened with disciplinary action if I reported it again

I think the honor will be reimbursed, otherwise Blizzard risk losing a large part of the community and even lead to lawsuits