Honor Gear in 9.2

If those thing aren’t BGs, then I’d rather not.

I am not saying you have bad information. Just that random BGs don’t give much renown.

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I find doing BGs and World PVP to be extremely fun ways of spending my game time also. Having said that not entirely sure you could expect to simply loiter in them and end up not having to do “anything” else at all.

I’d “rather not” have to get some third wind pots by hitting up the vendors but I do it because, well it’s a good idea :slight_smile:

Random BG’s are fine to farm renown as long as your teams are winning up to a certain point. A lot of the other sources are minimal effort, callings, world bosses, doing the actual campaign. (Which you HAVE to do if you are a brand new to SL player.)

But anyway, since I never even mentioned random BG’s as a “be all end all” source for it, not entirely sure where why I am even blubbering about it haha.

Anyway take care!


why not?
We used to be able to when there werent a dozen external factors required to pvp

Now that we have a dozen external things required to pvp, why can’t we earn progress towards them through pvp?

Echoes of nyalotha were a godsend in bfa. No reason we can’t earn echoes of domination from bgs and trade those in for renown, conduits, cinders, etc

I don’t know where the idea that we need a multitude of systems and power sources to be entertained came from. Pvp doesn’t need to be complicated- get a gear set and queue up

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This is a discussion about getting renown up and you can progress it fine as long as you win and up to a certain point.

I would be 100% OK and think that’s a great idea if you could just sit in BGS and never have to go do anything else to get max renown but that’s not how it’s ever been in SL for this specific resource. Remember it used to be timegated when things first started?

I get that having things easier and more streamlined to suit your own personal desires would be nice just have a feeling Blizzard doesn’t care that much lol and if “getting renown up” is a massive, major issue for an experienced SL player, there’s something else fundamentally wrong with the player, not the system.

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Yikes incoming silence if someone reports you bro :slight_smile:

Anyway if you actually read this thread, pretty much no one cares about how well you did in arena bro. So either reading comprehension or straight up laziness with the intention to just show up and troll/incite. Irony :slight_smile:

you took my reply personally. ill say it again maybe you didnt understand it before.

stop being lazy.

But it could have been and the game wouldn’t have been worse off for it

Obviously now that we’re nearing the end of the expansion it’s better due to catch up mechanics that were inevitably going to happen, but from a design perspective i don’t see the point in making things that are usable in one form of content (conduits for example) unearnable in that content

I agree renown is much better now, but again a completely unnecessary power system that we lived fine without in mop and wod

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People that whine and cry about the game but barely play any of it…

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well said. i’m waiting for the crybaby who replied to be before to write an essay to me about why he deserves free honor

Nothing personal about my response it’s plainly objective; it’s just that you were “lazy” and didn’t read/care/understand the specifics. (There’s a difference between not “being bothered” versus “not enjoying the content” lol, though I suspect that’s a bit above your ability to “fathom” :))

How am I lazy exactly? I just don’t enjoy rated arena, and if I did / chose to do it, I am confident I could do better than 1750. But who knows haha.

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maybe this game isn’t for you?

hello kitty island adventure has no honor grind, can try that?

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I wonder if I would be able to achieve an above 50% win rate in hello kitty which you are not able to do in wow :slight_smile: ?

yea sure if you played the game longer than 5 minutes

Yeah, obviously he’s another troll.

I gotta laugh at the idea that gear is always “earned” in PVP. Carries, Boosting, faction imbalances all contribute to an awful PVP system.

You can literally look at Group Finder and see all sorts of listings for rating and gear boosts. Who earns in that scenario? Probably just the seller, and blizz with the tokens that are bought.

they want you to buy tokens to get carries its all about $$$ screw the players


your typical fanboy reply

This is just such a peculiar way of looking at rewards in games.

Especially when they’ve already made changes that drastically reduced the prevalence of “carries”.

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Well, for PVE players using PVP to gear they did.

They have all the pieces in place to essentially eliminate carries in PvP though. They just need to hot fix the PVP ilvl.

They would have a balanced game for 2 weeks and they’re scared of that commitment.

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Idk how the news escaped me in all of this, but I was really late to learn about the PvE set bonuses working in PvP. I’ve not queued a battleground since. Sadly my sub renewed like a week ago.