Honor Gear in 9.2

Hey all,
I just went onto the PTR to see how honor gear will work in 9.2. I made the following table showing the ilvl at every rank as well as the honor required to upgrade the gear to rank 7.

The good news is that I was able to upgrade the gear to rank 7 without having to complete any of the new quest for 9.2, i just walked up to the vendor and was able to upgrade. So assuming nothing changes we should be able to get to a level playing field (minus stat weights of conquest vs honor gear) on the first week(s) of the patch before the new season starts.

The bad news is that we will be losing the 40% extra honor buff from spoils of war in 9.2, meaning the 66k honor you need to obtain will take a lot of grinding. Ideally upgrade prices for honor gear should be halved. Honor gear is not an end goal, it is meant to be replaced throughout the season with conquest gear. So having a massive honor grind attached to it does not make sense.

Rank ilvl Slot Honor cost
1(base) 239 Weapon 10600
2 242 Helm 5300
3 246 Neck 3125
4 249 Shoulder 4200
5 252 Back 3125
6 255 Chest 5300
7 259 Wrist 3125
Gloves 4200
Waist 4200
Legs 5300
Boots 4200
Ring 1 3125
Ring 2 3125
Trinket 4200
Medallion 3125

How does this compare to the ilvl of conquest gear?

So PvP will be fun for 1 week?


285 it looks like. so the ilvl jump is still just as stupid plus later we have to deal with 2 legendaries


This is my best guess for what it will look like. I have actual data points for unranked and duelist (test vendors sell duelist pvp gear on the PTR) the other data points are based on the ilvl gaps we currently have.

The conquest cap will be returning so gear progession will be limited to like 1 or 2 conquest items a week.

oop nevermind there’s an unranked trinket that i was able to buy and look at the ilvls. The table below is correct

Rating ilvl
0 262
1000 265
1200 268
1400 272
1600 275
1800 278
1950 281
2100 285

Looking at the health difference between a 259 and 285 geared player, it looks like the difference between fully upgraded honor gear and duelist conquest gear will be ~16k (15,850). 82140 vs 66,500. The new pvp trinket bonus gives 350 stam and main stat instead of a bonus to vers and is fixed between ilvls


Man. Why do I even hope anymore?


Thanks for listening Blizz, 9.2 will surely save WoW PVP right?


Or just get this season’s 2100 conquest gear (259 ilvl) and completely skip needing honor gear next season

No idea why they don’t just make this season’s conq gear purchasable at max ilvl next season

Like why is my s2 conq gear better than non maxed s3 honor :joy:


That’s what it ought to be. Start the next season at 259 regardless of where you are now.


Yes, with having pushed rating giving you the benefit of not having to purchase the new set.

Are the 259 ilev upgrades timegated? There’s no more renown levels, so hopefully people can get to 259 asap.

Seriously, honor gear at this point is a noob trap. Like, what the heck Blizzard?


it’s literally been a noob trap from the start considering max honor pvp gear was timegated behind a massive renown level requirement to max


Honor gear is the only gear an unrated player like me will get. Sad that it’s worthless.


To answer your question

Very promising. Were the upgrades expensive?

There will also be a period before arena starts, I think 2 weeks?

Enough time for everybody to get on even footing.

There’s a table showing the honor cost to buy and upgrade a piece to rank 7 in the original post. The total was 66k. You would subtract 1 and eventually 2 slots from the total for leggos

Yeah hopefully there’s enough time to get geared up before the season.

But keep in mind that even the lower ranks will let you be competitive since everyone will be a max of 259 for the first few weeks of the season. The conquest cap is returning which will slow down gear progression.


Yes, that is true.

Thanks for putting the effort into looking into this.

So in a nutshell unless something changes PVP will be semi balanced for a bit and then once the rated ranks kick in, will continue the current side show progressively for anyone who is lazy, doesn’t like, or “can’t” rank up via arenas. (The can’t one is cute, included for dem git gud fellers that want the strugglers, to struggle, for that specific reason, even if it’ s not the reason.

Not all that surprising though since boosts are profit lol…


Yeah, clean slate. No excuses this time, as there aren’t renown barriers.

Blizz did say this in December.

If they actually follow through the honor prices might change between now and patch day. I really hope they do.

I doubt that renown was ever really an actual “excuse” for the context of the gearing problems. Different issue.

For the longevity and overall PVP participation nothing changes, in fact there might be even less motivation since for those that "don’t want, enjoy" (need to highlight this, as it seems to be purposely ignored, avoided in these types of discussions for some reason.) will see the writing on the wall and things will revert back to nonsense relatively quickly.

So unless something changes you might even have less fodder in the BGS and outside of Korthia, umm err, Zereth Mortis safezones :slight_smile:

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